My life in a nutshell –

— Katie.
Born again Christian.
Imperfect sinner being made into the woman I was made to be by the Perfect One who loves me & created me!
I love my husband. Handsome Joe. He is my other half.
He makes me laugh and is the best husband I could ever imagine.
I’m big on family togetherness and enjoy cleaning my home, traveling, and snuggling with my husband.
Tennessean [yes, I have all my teeth and no, I do not make moonshine in the “holler”].
Lover of the ocean. Afraid of deep water.
Organic tea junkie.
I write, blog, love my husband, and do laundry.
I’m living the life.

I also have a Facebook page, Hot Tea And The Empty Seat. So, feel free to contact, like, & join the community!

I pray my daily ramblings and Spirit-driven devotionals bring you encouragement, laughs, peace, and conviction. Oh, and a yearning for some good hot tea. Here we go…


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