*Living on Purpose

The split second you entered this world, crying and gasping for air, you were on a mission. Eat, sleep, breathe. Survive. If your heart is beating and there is breath in your lungs, you exist. Of course.

But are you living?

Think about it. Are you truly living your life every day with a purpose? Intentional purpose?

Have you even thought about this? Have you had time between school or work and life to stop and think?
That word…Time

If we know we have purpose, do we have time for that purpose?
Are our hours filled with to-do lists and quick paced living that we don’t even have time to live out our purpose?

Do we make time?

I do not want to come to the end of my life and have to think about what my purpose was and regretfully wonder if there was more to this life, more to living.

I want to fully live in every moment. I want to know my purpose and live it out. I want to love my husband every second of every day and never get too busy to kiss him. I desire to be able to teach, love, and guide my future children into truly living and experiencing God in every moment. I never want to miss out on life. On my purpose.

What is our purpose?

Some say working and providing. Some say loving God and living for Him. Some say raising their children in a Christ-like manner. Some say helping their husband. Some say teaching others. Some say to just take up space, pay taxes, and repopulate. Some say doing good things. Some say glorify God.

God created each one of us. {Genesis 2:7} He created every single soul on the planet. He created the believer and the unbeliever. Therefore, I believe our Creator gave us all one universal purpose. To glorify Himself. I also believe He gives us each individual goals and purposes. {Psalm 139:16}

Are you living on purpose or just existing, taking up space?

Are you living out your purposes or are your minutes and hours spent trying to hurry to the next day, the next class, the end of the work day?

Maybe you don’t even know what your purpose is. Beloved, Seek God. Slow down and seek God. He is truth and holds your future in His hands. {Matthew 7:7}

When I am old and grey, I want to be able to smile and know that even in this selfish fast-paced culture, I experienced God in every moment and that every one of my life moments had purpose.

Living life on purpose.
Living intentionally.
Being aware of what God is doing and where He is.

My Purpose: not missing God. Experiencing Him and thanking Him. Thanking Him for each blessing, each gift, each terrifying and beautiful event in this short story. Thanking Him for His never-ending, timeless LOVE…

Then, sharing it with others.

Can I challenge you to something?

Look for God today. Search for Him. By experiencing Him, you find your purpose. Live in your every moment and thank Him for each one. He is giving them all to you.

Listen friend, It’s not something that happens like the flip of a switch. It takes intent. It takes you and I slowing life down, figuring out what is important to us in this life, each blessing from God, and acting on it.

We were given this life to live. Not to fumble about, day by day, merely existing, wandering around in our mundane living.

Jesus entered this planet, taught and healed then died. After dying with His hands clenching our sin, He beat and overcame death so that WE COULD LIVE abundantly!

Let’s not miss this!

You say, “I can’t live abundantly. I don’t even enjoy life. So many things are wrong.”

Friend, run full force into the arms of the One who has a beautiful purpose and plan for your life. Don’t let circumstances keep you from experiencing true life.. Real living.

Let Him in. He is already there, knocking. Open the door and receive Life.

May we be able to say at the end of our lives, “I experienced life. I experienced purpose. I experienced God. I used every moment God gave me and was thankful for every single obvious blessing and even the blessings in disguise.”

“..I have come so that they may have life, and may have it abundantly.”
-Jesus Christ in John 10:10b

Jesus alone gives abundant living and purpose to those who believe and ask.




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