iAmThankful Day 2!

One word: weekend!

I currently do not have a job outside of my home, but I am still always thrilled when Friday afternoon rolls around. Knowing it is the weekend automatically takes all the stress off.

For Day 2 of iAmThankful, I am thankful for Saturday Mornings. 🙂 I’m sure most of you are! My husband and I have the opportunity this particular weekend to sleep in, make breakfast together, read the Bible together, pray together, work out together, and have fun outings like taking our puppy to the park all while staying in town. There is no stress or rushing. I know Saturday mornings are straight from God. He knows how busy our life is and how normally our weekends are spent back in our hometown so Saturdays at home are sometimes our Sabbath. 🙂

Lazy Saturday mornings at home remind me how important it is to have that special day of rest. Monday through Friday are non-stop working, planning, rushing, and half-resting days. Although I have a quiet time with The Lord every morning during the week, Saturdays at home are special because I feel like I can focus more and enjoy my time basking in His glory for however many hours I want and not worry about keeping the kitchen in perfect order.

Do you have a certain day etched out in your week to simply rest and not have to worry about getting everything on your to-do list finished? If not, find one! They are the best!




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