Letting Go– Check In

How is everyone doing on their idols challenge? If you haven’t been able to read about it yet, check out this link: http://hotteaandtheemptyseat.com/2013/10/29/a-challenge-to-let-go/

It will take you right to The Challenge to Let Go!

For those who are still thinking and praying about it, I have some encouraging words especially for you. You are not alone! In fact, if you try this on your own, you won’t make it. It is only by God’s power, grace, and love that the idols in your heart can be destroyed. God does the changing. Remember that! God does the heart changing and the idol breaking. We only need to be willing, open, and still. A yielded life to God is the life used for His name’s sake.

With that said, if you know that you should give something up but are too afraid to let go or unprepared to take that first step, know that you aren’t moving forward alone. God is already there! He is worth it! He deserves our all!

Next week, I will be updating everyone on my own experiences in this challenge and how God is working in my heart and life!

Make the commitment today to turn from whatever you are putting before your Father and lay it at His feet.

You are loved…



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