-iAmThankful Day Seven-

Latte. Frappacino. Coffee. Tea. Iced. Frozen. Hot. Soy. Nonfat. Espresso.


Day 7 of iAmThankful, I want to express my undying love for coffee shops.

I love tea and coffee and all of the sorts, but it is within those four walls of a coffee shop that I have my most prized moments with God.

There is just something about the coziness, quietness, and smelly-goodness that helps me focus so easily and powerfully on God. He has revealed so many awesome things to me while at coffee shops.

Back home, snuggled between rugged, old buildings and antique train tracks, my favorite coffee shop lies. Sweet Sallies. Home of the Drew’s Brews coffee flavored cupcake and African Sunset red tea (okay, I think they just order that but, whatever, I love it!)

It was there that I was inspired to start this blog. I remember sipping my hot tea and looking over at the empty seat in front of me and picturing Jesus sitting there wearing a warm smile, calling me to enjoy life with Him more fully!

When I was single, It was there that I spent countless hours praying for my future husband. (Yay for answered prayers!)

It was there in a coffee shop, that I met with other fellow Christian girls and we studied and prayed and ate tons of cupcakes. Such sweet times! (Literally!) Coffee shops are the best places for bible studies, btw! Time with Jesus + Tea + Cupcakes…. Makes me happy just thinking about it!

It was in a coffee shop that I was mentored and encouraged and prayed for by my dear friend, Cheryl, even when we were both in desert-places. She now leads an awesome bible study and has like five jobs! God is good.

It is in coffee shops, that I meet up with precious best friends when I come back into town. We share stories, updates, good news, bad new, and all that God is teaching us!

It is in a coffee shop that I am writing to you now. 🙂 It just seemed like the perfect place to enjoy a Pumpkin Latte on this chilly day.

I love spending time with God in coffee shops. I hope this will inspire you to find a time where you can escape to a coffee shop and call upon our dear Father who is with you in that empty seat for some one-on-one time! And of course, enjoy a nice, hot tea!

Maybe one day, my husband and I can own our own coffee shop. You all better visit!




One thought on “-iAmThankful Day Seven-

  1. As you can tell, I’m slowly getting caught up on your blog posts. 🙂 I really enjoyed this – my favorite place for studying (and catching up on school work) is at Perk Up. I was there on Tuesday enjoying the fragrance of coffee.

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