Day 8: From Dead to Living


“Christ took the hell that you and I deserve.” -Billy Graham

Day 8 of iAmThankful, I am most thankful for the Cross of Jesus Christ.

Jesus, Creator of the world. Born, on earth, of a virgin. Lived a sinless life. 100% man. 100% fully God. He was beaten, scourged, spit on, mocked, stripped naked, hated, and crucified. For you. For me. He took our sin and nailed it on that tree. Nails pierced through the hands that held the world. Now God turns His back on Him. God, Holy, He cannot be in the midst of this. Jesus, covered in our sin and filth and dirt and death. Died. Crucified.

Then, Jesus arose. He is alive!
He conquered and He rose from the dead. He carried the sins of the entire human race to the grace and left them there! They are no more. Jesus is alive. Jesus reigns. We are free!

If it weren’t for the cross, I wouldn’t be here. Jesus saved me. It was nothing I did. I don’t deserve life. He did it for me. He did it for the drug dealers, the woman who just had an abortion, the thief, the lonely and the broken, the rich and the poor. He died to save us all! Receive this gift. Believe in Jesus to live!

Watch this!

For God so LOVED THE WORLD, that He GAVE His ONLY Son that whosoever believes in HIM will NOT PERISH but have EVERLASTING LIFE! -John 3:16



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