Day 12&13 iAmThankful


For Days 12 & 13, I am thankful for my small group.

A small group, also known as a lifegroup, is a small group of people from our church who get together at someone’s house and review what we learned at church that morning. Our small group isn’t just a group of people who meet together. We are family. We laugh together, share our deepest fears and joys together, cry together, lift one another up, always pray for one another, encourage one another, and help one another. It’s like a Sunday school class minus the rules, blank stares, and boring talkers. There is no condemnation or judgment. It is an awesome thing.

When we meet together, we are in unity to lift each other up in prayer to our God and to direct each other to Him.

Our small group is made up of women I can go to with and for anything. For Joe, it’s a great place to relate to other Christian guys who are married and living life together.

That’s what we do, we live life together. The Christian life is not something you are to do all on your own with. We are meant to be in community together. How is the body of Christ supposed to flourish and work when no one is real with one another? It’s not some group that only meets one time a week. We get together throughout the week, pray for each other, text and call one another.

It is the picture of the body of Christ, what church really looks like.

It isn’t scripted or fake. The people are as real as the struggles they are facing.

We have the same hope and trust- God our Father and we rely on Him each step of the way.

We laugh alot together. We recently had a party and played a game where people try to guess who’s most embarrassing moment was who’s. Even last night, I and some of the ladies got together and went bowling. So. Fun. See, church isn’t supposed to be dry and boring. God is love and He loves to see His children get together and enjoy life together. {Thank you Sally, Lee, Dawn, Miracle, Lauren, Linda, Jessica, Cindy, & Kellye for being awesome! And my sweet Lifegroup back home; Cheryl, Hannah, Katy, Cheyenne, Rachael, & Chelsi!)

I am telling you all of this in hopes that God can lead you to a church and SmallGroup like the one that God led my husband and me to. It is so vital to our Christian walk to be real, open, and honest with one another so that we can grow stronger in our faith. It’s about time we take off those masks. In our SmallGroup, not one exists. That’s God-glorifying.

“So confess your sins to one another and pray for one another so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great effectiveness.” -James 5:16

We are the body of Christ for a reason. No member is more important than the other but when we all work, live, and grow together, we glorify God through His church.

“Now you are Christ’s body, and each of you is a member of it.”
-1 Corinthians 12:27

iAmThankful for my SmallGroup! My prayer is that you and your family will be lead and able to join with other followers of Christ together to live life with one another, encouraging and being encouraged, glorifying God in all that you do. You’re not meant to do it alone! 🙂

Have a blessed day today. I challenge you to reach out to one friend today and lift them up in prayer and encouragement!



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