iAmThankful Day 14!


For Day Fourteen of the iAmThankful picture journey, I am thankful for my sweet, cuddly, sometimes psycho, loving Siberian Retriever puppy, Penelope Von Shweets, or Penny for short.

About two months after Joe and I had been married, I had this brilliant idea that we needed a puppy. I’m currently a housewife, no job outside of our home, so I tend to get lonely at times when I’m not out running errands and cleaning the house. While babies take a while to be made and cost a lot of money and time, I figured the next best thing would be a canine american.

Honestly, I sort of hated dogs before getting married because all they did was bark and lick you and climb on you and… you get the point! We were also worried about the costs and where the money was going to come from.

We searched for a while and nothing was coming together. Then, one fine day, I visited a friend back home whose Husky had just had pups. Penny was the prettiest girl in the pack! We originally wanted a boy but she was just too sweet. We were blessed to be able to get her for free! This was a huge blessing because we were worried about the expense of everything including shots since she was only five weeks old. Speaking of the shots, what we thought was find to be close to or over $100, was only thirty dollars! Plus they gave Penny free medicine. Such a blessing.

She is such a sweet puppy. She loves to be in our laps constantly and she loves to bite, jump, run, and be out in the cold weather which I particularly am not a huge fan of.

She loves Joe and I and I can already tell why they say that a dog is a man’s (or girl’s) best friend! She is definitely a trouble maker at times but that is only getting Joe and I prepared for real parenthood one day!

Enjoy the pictures of my sweet Penny! Talk about puppy dog eyes!











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