-Day 20! iAmThankful-

I need you, Lord, I need You! Every hour, I need You! My One Defense, my Righteousness! Oh God, how I need you!”
-Matt Maher- Lord I need You

Today is a great day. The sun is shining and I am alive. My family is healthy and alive. I am feeling much better. My puppy is being quiet and not so energetic. (I will so take this for granted as long as I can!)

Today, Day 20 of this iAmThankful journey, I am thankful for answered & unanswered prayers!

My wonderful in-laws and husband prayed over me to feel better this past weekend and since then, I had continually been progressing! God is great. He loves to bless His children.

The amazing thing about answered prayers is that they aren’t answered magically or coincidently. It isn’t luck or lack thereof. God Himself, who created prayers and needs, answers our prayers. He rules, reigns, and rocks!

In my lifetime, I have seen answered prayers and miracles in my own life and in the lives of others around me.

God is a good God and He answers prayers in His perfect timing. When my in-laws prayed for me to feel better, it didn’t happen instantaneously. Yes, it can. But God took His time. His timing is perfect.

My husband prayed for a wife for years and I prayed for a husband for years. The day we started praying, we didn’t run into each other. It took years. But in His perfect timing, we met and got married. And I am more than thankful that God’s timing wasn’t my own.

There are many other instances in my life where God has answered prayers but they have been in His perfect timing and because of His great plan!

I know that you are praying for something.

You are praying for healing,

for God to give you a spouse or to help you keep the one you have because times are hard,

for God to provide a job or a vehicle in the midst of financial complications,

for God to bless you with children despite the doctor’s report,

for God to protect the children you already have, you feel so out of control;

whatever it is that you are praying for, friend, God hears you!

He is working in you life even when you do not see or hear Him. He is there. He has never left and He never will!

I have learned that what we think our unanswered prayers are really great blessings in disguise. Because God knows what is best for us.
His plan is far better than ours. His wisdom is beyond our own.

“Indeed, my plans are not like your plans, and my deeds are not like your deeds, for just as the sky is higher than the earth, so my deeds are superior to your deeds and my plans superior to your plans.”
-Isaiah 55:8,9

You may be praying for something that isn’t being answered simply because God has something far better for you than you could ever imagine! Wait on The Lord. Wait! He is working and He will deliver you, in His perfect timing.

He is good and trustworthy, you can depend on Him to answer the prayers that we have yet to pray, beloved. And for that I am so thankful, for the answered and the unanswered prayers alike.

Let me know how I can be praying for YOU!




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