iAmThankful -Our Home- Day 26

What is a home?

Is it a house with rooms and windows and walls?

Is it just simply a house that you live and sleep in?

Is it more than just that?

For me, it is.

Day 26 of iAmThankful, I am thankful for my new home.

Getting married and moving to a new city was the beginning of a new chapter in our book and buying a house was a major theme. It’s a huge commitment. There is so much more that goes into buying a house than just saying “I want to buy it.”

Here is our story in a nutshell.. (Watch for God’s fingerprints throughout the story; they are everywhere!)

Joe moved here two and a half years ago after his job relocated him to a different location. He had been looking for a house nonchalantly on and off for the past three or so years (before meeting me) but he wasn’t finding the one. We met through a mutual friend at church a year ago and got engaged this past February. After the ring was on my finger, he called his realtor to speed things along. Joe likes big, old houses. Katie likes little, new houses. (Old houses give me the heebie-jeebies.)
After a few weeks of no luck, the realtor called Joe later one evening about a house that was in a neighborhood that he needed to go look at. I was back in my hometown at the time. He went to look at the house and a week later, after I was able to check it out, we decided that we were going to start praying about it. We loved it. It was small and new, by the way 😉

There was one small problem.

The way the house sale was going, the person who wanted the house had to put a bid in. It was like a blind auction for a house. You had no idea what others were bidding and you only had one week to place your bid.

Telling you that we prayed would be an understatement.
I fasted and prayed and prayed about what price we should put in if indeed this was the home God had for us. It was nerve-racking. Finally, we put in our price and waited. And prayed some more.

Finally after another grueling week, we got a call from the realtor.


We were estatic! God had truly answered and blessed our prayers.

Upon arriving to check out the house, we saw sweet little families walking their dogs and pushing strollers. They were friendly. A little too friendly. This neighborhood looked perfect! What was the catch? Later, we found out that the pastor of the church we now attend lives in the middle of the neighborhood along with many other families who attend the same church. What a warm welcome the body of Christ gave to us already!

The house was in great shape. There were some minor issues that needed to be taken care of like the carpet needing to be replaced. We were able to replace it for half as much as we thought it would be. The walls needed painting but our awesome family came to help day in and day out.

Joe wanted a workout room upstairs. The house has one.

I wanted a spare room for bible reading and crafts. It has two spare rooms, one is now the guest room and the other, the office/craft room.

Our neighbors are fantastic. Everyone was so welcoming and hospitable.

Many furniture pieces were given to us by our neighbors. Such blessings. Our new washer and dryer was a huge discount and saving for us as well as the couch and kitchen table from Joe’s sister and brother-in-law.

Needless to say, we are blessed. I didn’t expect any of this. Neither did Joe. It was nothing we did to find this home. God led us right to it. And because of God’s grace and Joe’s ability to save money throughout his life (also God’s grace), we were able to purchase it!
It was nothing more than a blessing from God.

What is a home?

My home is wherever my husband is.
It is wherever God may lead us.

I am thankful for my home because of who lives in it, not because of what it looks like.

A home is the opportunity to give warmth and hospitality to others in need. It is a place where God dwells. A peaceful getaway for my husband and me. A place to gather with friends and family to make memories.

We don’t know where He is leading us next, but I do know that wherever that may be, His blessing will follow us all the way until we reach our Forever Home.




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