Black friDay 29! iAmThankful

Today was the most anticipated yet dreadful day of the year. Black. Friday. The day that prices drop low along with the American person’s morals. It has been a tradition for years on Thanksgiving nights to stay up late with my family and wait until time to head out in the cold and brave the crowds for a few cheap toys and televisions bigger than our kitchen table. There is something invigorating about standing in the Old Navy line for three hours and drinking McDonald’s hot chocolate at 1 a.m.

This year was a different story.

For whatever reason, no one in my family had any desire to take part in Black Friday this year. My husband and I spent way too much money on DVDs last year that are still in the wrapper. And after watching some of the fights on the news and such, I’m glad we didn’t get out!

I am reminded today and thankful that I am not in need of anything. But that isn’t because I have a house full of Walmart bargains. I have Jesus and He satisfies my every need.

For Day 29, I am thankful that Jesus alone is able to satisfy all of my needs.

Jesus provides love. 1 John 4:8

Jesus provides rest. Matthew 11:28

Jesus provides security. Romans 8:38,39

Jesus provides forgiveness. Acts 2:38

Jesus provides life. John 14:6

Jesus provides abundant living! John 10:10

Jesus provides what we need in His perfect timing. Matthew 14:19,20

Jesus provides peace. John 14:27

Jesus provides all of our needs!

“And my God will supply your every need according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19

Jesus provides unconditional, everlasting, never-failing, constant love. A love unlike any other. Your spouse can fail you. Your job can fail you. Your kids can fail you. Your health can fail you.

Jesus Christcan never and will never fail you.

He is all I need. He is all you need.

Trust Him and you won’t regret it! 20131129-210919.jpg




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