Thanksgiving Day! -Day 28-



It is the day I have been anticipating all year long. For Day 28 of the iAmThankful journey, I am thankful for this season of thanksgiving, the family, the food, all of God’s great blessings.

I so hope you all had and are still having great times with your loved ones wherever you may be.

We are blessed beyond belief! Be thankful for all that He has given you!

Today has been full of traditions, new, and old, and lots of delicious food!

If you are really thankful, what do you do? You share. -W. Stone

My amazing grandma shared her home and cooking skills today, my whole family shared their love and laughter, my in-laws shared their home and delicious food, my husband shared his sweet skills of poker with me and we have been playing with family for the past 4 hours it seems… And, my dear grandmother-in-law shared her crochet skills with me tonight. Such sweet times.

Do you have a skill that God has blessed you with can you share with someone? What was the most valuable gift someone has shared with you?



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