Day 30 #iAmThankful!

Can you believe that today is the last day of November? It has been such a great time and inspiring month but it has definitely flown by. I absolutely adore this time of year because it brings family together and friends closer. I have enjoyed so much sharing with you all what I am most thankful for. God has blessed me so much, it would take years to Just because this journey is drawing to an end doesn’t mean that you have to stop counting your blessings. We have so much to be thankful for all throughout the year!

In honor of the last day of our iAmThankful picture journey, you’re going to hear what other people are most thankful for! These are a few of my friends, family, and strangers; both near and far. I hope it blesses your heart and inspires you to realize
how much God truly loves and blesses us! Happy Thanksgiving and may your heart be overwhelmed with worship to the One who gives perfect grace, perfect love, and abundant blessings!

Vickie from China who just moved to the States a few months ago—“I am thankful that I am here in the US now!”

Yvonne from Lousiana—“First God then my family (both near and far)”

Judy, my mom-in-law—- “Above all, for God’s grace and mercy. I am most thankful for my family.”

Sarah C, new mom from Florida— “Ben and Jerry’s phish food ice cream”

Joe, my husband— “God and you!”

Jaimie from Tennessee— “God’s unconditional love”

Danny, my brother-in-law—“Probably that I’m alive and yeah of course my family!”

Sarah, Joe’s best friend’s wife— “The fact that we are redeemed by God’s unconditional grace and mercy every single day! (Second in line would be my selfless husband and incredible family.”

Jennifer, My Mom- “all my kids!”

Sean, my little brother– “my siblings”

Bobby, my stepdad— “My salvation”

Dan, my father-in-law—“I am thankful for my family!”

Kristi, my sister-in-law—“Trevor!” (Her son)

Above all, I am thankful for God who gives each of us breath and life and eternal life through His Son, Jesus, who brings salvation from our sin to all who believe and trust in Him!

Be blessed!


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