10 Newlywed Notes


My husband and I have been married for four and a half months. We are learning each other and what God meant for marriage to look like. I have written just a few things that I have learned and am still learning as a wife… I hope and pray that I can encourage you by how God is working in our marriage!

  • Sometimes you will be wrong. Admit it and ask for forgiveness… the first time. Kiss and make up. Harboring pride in your heart only creates division.
  • Let go of every impossible expectation you have for yourself. Before tying the knot, I thought I had to have it all together. Perfect wife, perfect house. That person doesn’t exist. Rid your mind of the unreachable expectations and the anxiety they bring along will melt away. Trust God. Your husband really doesn’t mind that every dinner isn’t a four course meal.
  • If you feel yourself getting frustrated with your spouse, just kiss ’em! It works every time. šŸ™‚
  • He will squeeze the wrong end of the toothpaste and you will forget to wash his work clothes. It’s not the end of the world. Have compassion and understanding for each other always! (Confession: I was always the one who could never use the toothpaste right. Therefore we each have our own tube. Gotta do what ya gotta do!)
  • Sometimes you will annoy him and he will annoy you. Be thankful for even his imperfections. Love is more than a good feeling.
  • As a wife, I am called to support and respect my husband even when I don’t want to.. This glorifies God. This is something that I am still learning. It’s not an overnight magical thing. It takes intentional work to fight against your fleshly selfishness and trust God in your husband’s decisions.
  • Laugh at yourself and laugh with your husband.
  • Find something you can do for your husband on a weekly or daily basis.
    I love cooking for my huband. Before marrying Joe, I hardly ever cooked. Now I cook for him 98% of the time. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and makes our house feel like our home.
  • It’s okay for wives to have some girl time and it’s okay for husbands to spend an evening with the guys. As long as you both put each other first and make up for time spent away, it’s never a bad thing.
  • Lastly, pray for and with your spouse every single day. He can’t do it alone and neither can you. In every marriage, trust in Jesus is the only hope. Point your spouse to Christ in the good, bad, and even when they don’t want to hear it.
  • There are so many other things that God is teaching us and I am sure we will never stop learning. I am so thankful for my husband and for God blessing us. What have you learned from marriage? It’s an amazing symbol of the Gospel.

    Treasure your marriage & Live worthy of your calling.




    2 thoughts on “10 Newlywed Notes

    1. You are sweet Katie! Marriage is the most wonderful thing and the hardest thing I believe we will ever do! I love to pray for Chad it makes me realize even more how great he is! God has answered so many of my prayers for Chad!!!! Kissing fixes a lot of things!!!!!!!!

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