God’s Extraordinary Plan

20131217-083312.jpgMy husband and I spent the weekend with our families relaxing and enjoying quality time with them. This past Sunday, the pastor at my home church was starting a new series on Mary, the mother of Jesus. It definitely put us in the true Christmas spirit and left us in awe of our Savior yet again. One of the sermon points was this, “God uses ordinary people with extraordinary faith!”

I have heard this before but it rang true and new to my heart that Sunday morning. Joe and I are in a season of life where anything could happen. God could send us anywhere. He could call us to anything. We have no idea where we will be in the next five years.

We are ordinary people and I believe that we must have extraordinary faith for what God has planned for us next.

So, I’m betting that it’s not as extraordinary as birthing the Savior and Creator of the universe but God has important plans for us. He has big plans for you, too.

We must have faith, extraordinary faith.

I know that I must have faith to trust my husband’s leading, God’s guidance, and His plan even when we don’t know what is next. Living this out is not a piece of cake. It takes intentional living and daily searching for God’s presence.

I must have faith to believe that whatever He calls us to do, He will come through with it. Just as Mary was deeply distressed when she received world-rocking news from an angel {Luke 1:39}, we too can easily become scared and fearful after God’s plan (even a tiny part of it) is revealed to us because we’re not quite sure if we are able… I know it’s easy for me to start stressing even before I get any news. God, we need You.

We must trust and believe that whatever God is calling us to, He will be there with us every step of the way. We’re not alone. We’re not doing it by ourselves. I am more than grateful that my ability or lack thereof has nothing to do with what God is able to do through me. Can I get an amen?!

Now, friend, do you feel God calling you to something or somewhere? Does the unknown future frighten you? Is it hard to trust when you’re just unsure of what He is saying?

Find peace in God, just as Mary did.

“I am the Lord’s slave,” said Mary. “May it be done to me according to your word.” Luke 1:38

We are just ordinary people but
God has extraordinary plans for the one with extraordinary faith in Him!

For the entire encounter of Mary and the angel’s news, check out Luke 1:26-38. (You won’t regret it!)

Merry Christmas, friends! Only EIGHT days until Christmas Day!



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