This Weary Heart’s Revival


I’ll just come right out and say it…


Mentally and spiritually drained.

How? Why? Although I don’t know exactly how I came to be this way this week, I can say that I know God has a purpose.

He always has a purpose. A purpose in the mundane season, the fiery excitement season, and the drained dry season.

My bible has been lying on the counter for days and I have picked it up once, maybe twice.

There is no time or reason to pretend, to pretend like I have read it this week, that I yearn for it. The thought, though, makes me sick. God’s Word lying in front of me and I feel guilt. Guilt for not bathing, eating up His every word, hanging on to His every breath.

Just pick it up and read, right? Sure. But the dishes need washing and there is laundry in the dryer that will get wrinkled. Puppy needs attention. Life. No matter how easy a life may look to the outsiders, without God energizing it, it breaks down…fast.

I begin to think about my priorities…
passion… purpose.

“God, make me new. Revive this weary heart. Take my worries and fears and anxiety and morph it into life and peace and joy.”


Joy seems to get lost in daily living when I forfeit waking up early to seek the Son. Joy, it seems to fade into a whirlwind of anxiety when I don’t make His Word a priority. My words and my mindset turn from peaceful to disrespect when I replace lying down my life before the King’s feet with a hurried mumbled prayer for blessing today.

Joy. Happiness. Peace. Still soul waters.

These come from a life laid low, low before the Master.

Picking up my bible, not only do I read but I seek and listen and watch.

For joy, for peace…

For God.

I must repent of my busy nature to stop, sit, and bask in God.

I’m writing this to you because I can bet that I’m not the only one. I’m not the only woman who worries yet doesn’t cry out to God. I’m not the only one who gets too busy to sit before the King in silence and gratitude each day. I’m not the only one who looses excitement for a season only to be brought back to my knees in pure adoration.

I’m also betting that I’m not the only one who needs, NEEDS God daily.

We need His peace to combat fear, His guidance to stay in order, His love to pour out to others, His holy presence for joy.

Beloved, put away your phone, your computer, your whatever that keeps you busy. Get a babysitter, put the books away, get in your closet if you have to…

Meet with God, your God. Jesus Immanuel. Revive your heart in His presence. You can’t go another day like you are. I know I can’t. I’m a mess without Him. I’m really just anxious, weary, and over it when I rely on my own strength to get by because let’s face it, I have no strength on my own. Wake up call…

I need Him.


It’s a praise and a request all in one.

It’s a phrase that’s constantly on my lips.

It’s worship and crying out to my Sustainer.

“God, I need you!”

And with every breath, He meets me and revives this soul drained dry.

Call out to Him. Now. Let Him revive your heart.

“You make known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand.” ~Psalm 16:11

Be blessed today!


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