What is your Life Story?

Hey lovely!

I have been hinting around for the past few weeks that I had a surprise ahead. Well, it’s finally here! (Well, almost!) I wanted to wait until the fresh new year so we could have a full month (or two!) to experience this. I am so ready!

A couple of months ago as I was probably washing the dishes, I had the idea to start a series on testimonies. It was definitely the Holy Spirit urging me; I could feel it. Testimonies, or life stories, are powerful. They are the fingerprints of God, the saving moments of our lives by the Creator of the Universe. I have asked a number of people to share with me their stories. These people are real men and women of all ages who come from all different walks of life but who have one thing in common…

God pursued them.

This is their love story. Their saving moment. Their testimony. Their life story.

 If your life story doesn’t involve God, I want you to know something before we kick off this series. He loves you. He made you and desires you. Do you ever think your too bad for Him? Like maybe you’ve killed someone or something a little less dramatic but you still feel unworthy? He can handle that. Ever think you’re too good for God? He can handle that too. No matter your past or present,  God has a future for you! He came to earth as a human to take on the sins of man. He did and He died. But, His life story didn’t stop there. Nope. He beat death. He conquered the grave. Yes, He literally came back to life. Why? Because He is the definition of unconditional love. Because without His salvation, we would die in our sin, which is what separates us from God, and we would never again see the Light.  He wants to give you life, a new life story.

He died to save you and He lives to give you life.

Beloved, He gave me a new life. I now have a life story and it is something amazing… simply because of the One who wrote it.

The first testimony will be published on Tuesday (I know…the suspense is killing me too!) Stay tuned! In the meantime, I am praying that God will use each and every life story that you read about to woo you back to Him. He is love and life.

 Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” ~John 14:6

Jesus is my life story.

phonto (3)

Love & be blessed!



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