Hands & Feet

I have had a great Saturday spending sweet time with my husband and his parents. They came to visit us this weekend and are staying for an awesome Christian concert tomorrow night (stoked!) and we have enjoyed this time spent with them. It has been a relaxing weekend which we needed.

Tonight, in between hot chocolate and card games, I was blog browsing. It has certainly become a favorite past time of mine, reading fellow sister’s in Christ’s blogs about how God is working in their lives. It is so inspiring and encouraging to my heart. It seemed like tonight’s theme was about being spent for the cause of Christ specifically in the lives of the poor and needy…

I kept seeing it everwhere, this urgency to live like Jesus

“Loosing your life to gain your life.”

“Just go.”

“They need love.”

“People are dying without Jesus.”

“Take action and GO love the widows and orphans.”

“Love your neighbor as yourself.”

“We are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus.”

Here I am. Sitting in my comfy leather chair in my warm home, my happy healthy family is surrounding me. My heart is full. But it shouldn’t stop there. God has blessed my husband and I this much so that we can bless others! I believe this but honestly, I have not been living it out like God has called me to, called us to.

I want my life to count. I want our marriage to matter. All for God, all for the needy. I want to love like Jesus.

Joe and I have been praying and talking about what God has called us to do for a few months now. We both have a huge heart for missions and we feel like God is calling us somewhere. The thing is, we have no idea where that will be. We are making the most of being in this town we live in now but we are keeping all options open to God’s leading and guidance. We are listening carefully for His voice. We want to follow Him wherever that may be. This could look like overseas mission work, a new business, staying, moving, learning, teaching, we don’t quite know. But I do know one thing, the Holy Spirit has called us to love and to serve Jesus’s children. This is my heart’s desire and I know it is my husband’s.

Join us in prayer for guidance and sensitivity to His leading.

We have this one life and it goes by f-a-s-t. I want my life to be spent loving, serving, & encouraging hearts all for my Savior.

Less of me & More of Jesus.

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A Blessed life is a life that KNOWS God!




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