MY WORD; Joy + Intentional

So, I’m breaking the rules a bit.

My group of church ladies are choosing one word to focus on this new year.

One word instead of 20 resolutions.

One word to live out.

One word to focus on all year.

One word.

Of course, me being the indecisive person that I am, decided to choose two words. The good thing is, they work together. I can’t have one without the other.

My first word is J O Y.

I desire to have more joy. Over the past few months, I have been contemplating where joy comes from, what joy truly looks like, and how I can get me some more of that joy. Joy is not happiness. Happiness is a state of mind and it can come as often as it goes. Joy is a heart condition. Joy is a fruit of the Spirit. Happiness is based on your circumstances when joy is based on our LORD. I desire to have joy in every trial. I desire to have great joy in the mundane, boring days. I yearn to have joy when loved ones pass. I desire to have joy when I am persecuted. I want to have joy when the celebrations come and when they are over. I desire more joy no matter if I am happy or not. When I think about joy, my mind takes me back to my grandmother-in-law. She will scribe these words on any Christmas card, note, letter, anything she can get her hands on… “There is fullness of joy in the presence of the Lord.” This beautiful and absolutely true statement comes from Psalm 16:11. My heart fills with hope every time I hear it. Where can we find joy? In the presence of Jesus. Oh, not only joy but fullness of joy! Which brings me to my second word for this year…


I yearn to be more intentional in everything that I do. Most of all, I want to be more intentional about being in the presence of the Lord. Intentional time carved out in my day for sweet time at the feet of my King. Intentional prayer to Him. Intentional every day praise to Him. Less random and more intentional listening for Him. Intent giving. Intent words spoken. Intentional loving others. I want to be intentional in my relationship with my husband and intentional about loving and serving him. I want to be more intentional in my friendships… with new and old friends, with family members, with strangers. At the end of this year, I desire to be able to say, “YES, I lived with purpose. I was intentional about the important things in my life.”

JOY + INTENTIONAL for year 2014.

Will I find joy in being intentional? Will I be intentional about finding joy?

Praise God that He is always intentional about forgiving me, saving me, & loving me!

What is your one word for the year?

I would love to hear about it! Comment below or shoot me an email, girl!

Love y’all. . .




2 thoughts on “MY WORD; Joy + Intentional

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