One Messy Room


In three hours, I must have the entire house presentable for tonight’s dinner guests which means shove everything into the office and pray no one opens the door.

Our “office” room has become an enemy of mine. I have so many high hopes for that room. A room for crafting, a prayer room, a quiet reading space. But for some reason, it just keeps getting filled up with Christmas leftovers and stuff that has no official place in the house. My husband and I throw things in there without even thinking. Too bad, because it could be a very handy space.

As I run around the house looking for something to clean or wipe off, I think about that room and how in so many ways, it resembles this heart of mine.

How often do we get so busy with life, that we don’t even think about taking the time to examine and clean up our hearts, tidy it up and make it a quiet place for Jesus alone? Life happens and without even noticing, the world is creeping into our lives and polluting our hearts. Bad attitudes from coworkers, petty arguments with family, those commercials and bad movies, even anxiety and stress from our own insecurities.

All of these things are being thrown at us from every direction and before we know it, our lives and hearts are overflowing with pollution and debris from the world that truly has no right to be there. Our hearts were made for more than that!

How do we get rid of all of the pollution in our hearts? How in the world will we ever find the time to spring clean it all up? Who will help?

Meeting with Jesus is the start. Realizing that You can’t clean it up alone, ask Him to help. He is ever ready to deep cleanse your heart. He isn’t one to simply push it all into the closet either; He cleanses each and every crevasse and gets rid of all that junk. He lovingly and carefully reaches in and purifies us deep to the core. He will wipe away every hurt, every speck of dust, every piece of baggage lying around. He will help us for however long it takes, He is a patient Helper. He wants our heart all to Himself. He did die on a cross then beat death so that He could make your heart His home.

Have you taken the time to sit at the feet of Jesus and let Him in? Let Him into your heart, no matter how cluttered up it may be, He is ready and waiting!

I am excited and ready to turn that cluttered room into a clear, quiet, and peaceful place to meet with Jesus.

Are you?



2 thoughts on “One Messy Room

  1. I can so relate! We have a loft that we planned on being a cute art room and it has turned into a clutter room. I love how you related it to our hearts. So true.

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