He writes my story…



Last Friday, my husband and I had the opportunity to travel to see our parents for the weekend.  Being married and moving a couple of hours away from our families has taught Joe and I to cherish every moments we get to spend with them. The distance has made our hearts grow fonder to the sweet times spent with our families and enables us to never take one moment for granted. Many married couples have told us that moving away together truly strengthens marriages because living in a foreign place far out of your comfort zone teaches you both to cling to one another, depend and help one another in ways not possible if you were constantly around your family for help and advice. Whatever you believe, I can already tell that it is growing, stretching, and drawing us closer to one another as husband and wife and I am overwhelmingly thankful for the work that God is doing in our lives and hearts as we live as one. 

Six months have already sailed on by since we first stood in front of precious friends and family and committed our lives and hearts to one another until the end. Time is running by in a flash and I don’t want to waste a minute of this wonderfully scary and beautiful adventure that God has laid out before us.

It’s a new year and a new chapter in our life stories has begun. My husband and I have the opportunity to do anything in this world. Our hearts are being prepared, our eyes and ears waiting for our Jesus to send us wherever He wants us to be. But I refuse to just be.

I want to live.

 This life is a storybook authored by the Creator and I don’t want to miss all of the twist and turns He has written for us to experience and enjoy. As much as I want to experience all that He has for me,  I must remember that I am not the main character in this story. This life isn’t about what makes me most happy. 

The glory and love of Jesus shining out of my husband and I to this dark world is the exact reason we were written into the story of creation. Jesus is the center, the reason, the main character. He gives my story purpose!

When I get to the end of my life, I want to be able to look back and see Jesus. How He blessed us, used us, guided us, taught us, spoke to us, and loved us. He is my motivation. He is the reason for living.

As 2014 continues to go on by, I want every adventure, every twist and turn, every action and thought to be for Jesus and for others.

I want to be intentional and joyful.

I want more of Jesus.

It’s time to start living now!

Your story has been written. Don’t let the pages slip by.

be joyful always,



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