Blossoms, Warmth, & Wonderlands

I woke up with a killer headache this morning. Thankfully, I was able to sleep in a bit more until the headache wore off. When I awoke, I knew it was going to be a great day.



I walked into the kitchen to pour myself some hot green tea {with honey, mmm}, sat down at my table, and noticed the lilies my husband brought home for me were finally blooming!


There is nothing more refreshing and encouraging than watching flowers blossom and bloom especially when you least suspect it. I have had them out by the window sill all week so they could soak up some sun but no blooms until today..

The day of snow!

Finally! I haven’t been able to seen snow here at my new home all winter. We would miss it every time we went back to our hometown. The little blessings were overflowing. God knows what makes my heart happy. And also what makes my pup happy!

Penny is channeling her inner Husky during her first time experiencing snow!

Penny is channeling her inner Husky during her first time experiencing snow!

Then, the phone rang and it was my sweet husband. He let me know that he was on his way home today because the roads were and still are impossible to drive on. {Be safe, TN!} What a perfect day to snuggle up, make some hot chocolate, watch movies {possibly HP!}, & play board games {namely Risk} all day. Ps– it wouldn’t be a snow day with out some nice hot tea!

And tonight… cheesy potato soup is on the menu!


Oh, the joys of being a housewife. Today is one of those unexpected gifts from God. It’s as if God decides to send some extra special joy in our lives when we wake up with a killer headache expecting that it will be a “Monday” kind of day. I am thankful for a God who sends . . .

Blossoms, Warmth, & Winter Wonderlands ❤  

Thank God for all your many blessings from Him today!



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