Testimony Tuesday: Husband + Wife Pt.1

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Friends!!! I am terribly excited to share two special testimonies with you over the next two Tuesdays! Of course they are each special but these particular stories are from a married couple who were led to each other by our loving God. I am honored to call them both friends. My husband and I have had the opportunity to watch God change their lives completely over the past year. Today’s lifestory is from the wife! I am praying that God uses her story to bless your heart and change your life as well!

“When I think about just how far I have come in the last couple years with my relationship with God, I feel overwhelmingly blessed and undeserving. I have realized in the midst of our lives at any point, God is always with his children. He knows exactly what you need to bring you to him. For me, it has been a two big impacts.

Firstly, I did not grow up in a home that went to church. I went with cousins and great grandparents when really young but that is about as far as that went. However, at about age 10. I had a pastor move across the street from me. He had two young daughters. They became practically my second family. From the age of 10 until about 14, they were like my sisters. I rode to church with them every time the doors were open. Those were the most important years. It built my foundation with God. I gave my life to him and lived my for him! It came as a shock when their dad was called to open up a new church in Alabama. I was heart-broken. I no longer had a way to church and felt guilty to catch rides from church members. And talk about bad timing, I was beginning high school soon…This is where things obviously went slightly down hill. I was never a bad kid..but I was a young girl seeking attention and her place in the world. High school years are tough! What I really needed was a restored relationship with God! But I was looking for love and acceptance in all the wrong places! I always felt I needed God, but I was too caught up in the world. This went on for about 3-4 years progressing with time.

That is until something else unexpected happened while in college, I met my husband! Shew, did God have a plan! Now, it wasn’t a fairy tale to begin with! I was at a country dancing bar to be precise. We were still off the right path. I would go after college on some nights. However, I had not drunk alcohol or anything of the such this particular night. I was passing by and kinda nudged him and smiled. I had already spotted his blue eyes and smile from across the room. He proceeded to ask me to slow dance and we ate that night. The next night, dinner. The next, the movies. We were inseparable!

Now here is where God spoke to us! We both had our backgrounds and were children of his. Something was missing in our relationship! We can’t love each other correctly if we don’t put God at the head of this equation! We followed our hearts and began attending different churches and our lives began to change in front of our eyes! It was a bit of a struggle at first, to stay on the narrow path. I had not drank and experienced the club-life like he had, because I was younger. I would try dragging him when I would relapse but he put his foot down. Thank God for team work! We were determined! And we were doing it together! Holding one another accountable. After overcoming that, I began changing the music I listened to, things I watched. I conquered that! I wanted people to know who I stand for! Be an example! Just as my husband and I’s relationship grew closer to God, we grew closer and closer to one another. We got married and have followed God in situations that surfaced.

Since, I have left a couple of jobs that did not bring out the positive in me, doing so less than a month later, Leslie was blessed with a job to support us both so I can focus on God and wife things (bills, house, etc.). It was hard not to work! But I honestly felt in my heart that I wasn’t supposed to be there. And his job was enough, we just selfishly wanted more and more security! So it was hard but after realizing a full-time career was not for me, I left and a month later, we conceived. We are expecting a baby! What a blessing!

God knew exactly what his plan was! And we do our best to follow. Even when it does not make sense. Because our life has never been so meaningful! Sure, things get hard, but it’s nice to give those burdens to The Lord and not feel you’re facing your battles alone! I am so thankful that in the midst of anyone’s life, even one of a non-Christian home, that God can bring them to him! Change their life and their destiny after life forever! He was there for that 10-year-old girl. Anyone else would shake their head and see her future the same as the role models in her house, but she beat those odds. And then again, an undeserving 20-year-old the night she met her husband. 🙂 Praise God he does not turn his back on us! I can not wait to raise our baby in a Christian home with God running our household. Our lives are changed forever!”
-Tanisha, wife of Leslie

Ah, I love hearing stories of changed hearts especially in both the husband and wife. What a blessing! It reminds me of one of my favorite verses.. “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come:The old has gone, the new is here!” -2 Corinthians 5:17       PS- If you are on Facebook, “like” & share Hot Tea and the Empty Seat’s fanpage to keep up with daily encouragement and up & coming GIVEAWAYS as well! Just click HERE!

Be blessed!



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