For the past two days, my hubby and I have been snowed in. My heart has been full and at peace with my favorite man by my side with no agenda for the freezing flurry-filled days. We have celebrated no-work snow days to the fullest!

In a former post, I mentioned that I had lots of anxiety about going to the doctor. Because of past experience as a child, I’ve always been afraid of doctors and experiences with hospitals. With that said, I have had complete PEACE about my upcoming surgery (tomorrow)! My husband has been praying for me all week and along with friends and family, I am confident that God answers prayers!

A peace that surpasses all understanding (especially my own!) has washed over my mind. I have felt God’s warming protection hovering over me all week. I am almost excited to have this surgery. (I said almost! đŸ˜‰ Haha)

I just wanted to share something that God has pressed upon my heart today. I was thinking earlier when holidays or birthdays would arise, my family would always go ALL OUT. Even when I or my siblings would have surgeries in the past, we could always go out
to eat at our favorite resturant the night before. Today has been a fun day with my husband playing in the snow, being couch bums, and playing games. But in the midst of it, God spoke into my heart…

“Everyday is a reason to celebrate.”

Every day.

To celebrate LIFE,

To celebrate FREEDOM in Christ,

To celebrate SALVATION through Jesus,

To celebrate JOY, LOVE, BREATH, & FAMILY.

One of my words for this year (2014) is “intention”.

To celebrate each day as a gift is the means to truly living intentionally!

My life, just like your life, is “but a vapor”. {James 4:14}

Why not celebrate each day as if it is your birthday, or the first day of summer, or a day off, or.. your last day?

May God’s peace rest on your shoulders & may His joy overshadow you as you intentionally celebrate each day that He has gifted you with!



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