January has fluttered right past us like little snowflakes in the cold. The first month in the new year has come and gone. As I look back at January in it’s entirety, I think about all God has already accomplished. It was a tough month but a rewarding month. It was the month I prayed for God to work, and work He surely did. January was a month of facing fears. In the midst of fear, I watched & felt God change my heart. Some people say that God will never bring you to things that you can’t get through. I don’t believe that because when God brought me in the face of my fear, HE Himself picked me up and carried me through them. Looking back on the other side, I know that in my own “strength” and courage, I wouldn’t of made it. Specifically, He brought me through the fear of doctors. I am recovering from a small surgery I recently had to undergo. What was supposed to take two hours, took the entire day. The surgery day didn’t go like I thought it would. It seemed as if there were complications throughout the entire day. As I sat in the bed waiting to be put to sleep, I realized how weak I was. God really showed me that HE Alone is my strength. Physically, mentally, emotionally, and of course, spiritually. It’s not a scary thing or a bad thing. I am thankful that He is my strength. Lying in that bed, I was at my lowest point of physical strength. Truly I was weak. He became my strength. Years ago, when I cried out to God to save me, I was spiritually weak. He became my strength. When I panic and let fear consume me, He is my strength. I am so thankful for a God who desires to be my all.

This January, I truly let him consume me. Another thing that God has done in my life, just in the month of January, is draw me closer to His heart.  In a former post here, I opened my heart to you and shared that I struggled with prayer time. I struggled to daily stop, sit, and kneel at the feet of my King. God had been revealing this to me for a couple of weeks until finally in a bookstore before Christmas, I came upon a book about devotional prayer. A couple of days later, I opened a Christmas gift from my husband and inside was the book! It’s a daily devotion. It causes me to sit before God every single morning and pray to Him. Praise Him in prayer, repent of any sins, acknowledge His Lordship over my life, pray for others, pray for myself, and ask God to equip me for the day. Every single day. The effects of prayer to God in my life since I started this book have been indescribable.

Daily, I pray for God to mold me into who He created me to be. Like clay in a Potter’s hand, so is my life in the hands of God. I have been bowing to His will daily, acknowledging that He alone is Lord over my life. Because of this, the work He has been doing in my heart is nearly unbelievable. God is revealing major areas in my life in which I am weak (like I told you above) and need His Strength. Specifically, in the area of fear and anxiety. It is a painful, scary process. Being placed in front of the very thing that makes me cower and hide. But God has proven Himself FAITHFUL. He has told me, over and over…

“It is NEVER my will for you to live in fear. It is never My will for you to be overcome by anxiety. Be overcome by my Love and Freedom!”

Beloved, I am slowly living this out in my own life and I want you to know, to BELIEVE Jesus. He came into this world to set us free. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. The spirit of the Lord is in EVERY believer. God has already broken your chains of anxiety. Stop picking them up and throwing them back over your neck.

I AM FREE. YOU ARE FREE. Believe it! Nothing can overcome us if we simply believe it.

Which brings me to a word which I believe has summed all of January up. Faith. In my prayer journal, I have been asking God for true faith. To believe Him at His word, not just believe in Him. He has strengthened my faith to 100% trust Him when I am staring fear straight in the eye. He has strengthened my faith by showing me who He truly is, a God of Strength and a Father of compassion and healing. He has strengthened my faith in Him.

I am thankful that January is over & a new month has begun!

January, you have been rough but rewarding. I am excited for you, February, you lovey-dovey month, you.





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