Testimony Tuesday- Husband & Wife Pt 2


Hey friends!
I am on a plane to the sunny state of Arizona! I am excited to share pictures with you all throughout the duration of our little getaway. I couldn’t let you all miss TESTIMONY TUESDAY!

I am stoked to share a life story with you guys today. Last week’s testimony was from a wife and this week, we are sharing her husband’s testimony! Leslie is a dear friend of my husband’s and coincidentally enough, Leslie and I went to high school together. God brought all of us together through both of our husband’s jobs. Leslie’s testimony is nothing more than a gift from God. I am praying that it will be a tool to encourage the hearts of husbands everywhere to recognize God for who He is, our only Strength!

A man’s testimony is important because God commands each man to lead his wife and family right to God. But it’s important that the man is letting God lead him.
If your husband or maybe even father is not following God, keep praying for them.

“If you’re not praying for your husband, who is?”

“My life is far from perfect much like most people. I was born and raised in a Church of Christ where I went my whole life growing up. Both my grandpas preached the good Word, and I was raised to know right from wrong and always used “yes sir” and “yes m’aam”. So, it seemed like everything would just keep a constant flow of goodness, but, as I got older, it seemed doing right and going to Church just got harder.
It didn’t get harder because I no longer believed in God, it got harder because the older I got, the more challenges I had to overcome. I’ve never been one to give up, but as I entered college, my towel had been thrown in. I took up frat parties, drinking, and getting with the type of girls that had never been to Church. My life was off track in so many ways and at the time I didn’t know why. The funny thing is, when your in that group doing those things, you think you’re untouchable and everyone else not doing those things are considered the losers.
I truly believe God looks out for each and every one of us and saying that, I think He saw my struggle. The late nights and part-time job was fun for a while, but looking at the big picture, as in heaven or hell. Where was I headed? I saw my future and I believe God sent me a sign when I met my wife. We were both from the beaten path and God putting us together, I truly think saved both of us! It wasn’t overnight but slowly we got back into Church. I was given the opportunity for a great job that I’m blessed to have and now we are expecting our first baby. The moral of the story and my life is that my parents didn’t fail, I did by picking the wrong friends, the wrong life, and by leaving Church and dropping God in my life. God gives each of us a chance to succeed way more times than we deserve and He blesses us with way more than we deserve.
The devil is everywhere and he knows that it’s always easier to give up rather than to fight back. My life is better not because of me, but because of God and how He blesses me with His grace each and every day. This is my life now and it’s the life I intend my children to grow up knowing.

God doesn’t give up on us, so I don’t intend to give up on him!”

-Leslie husband of Tanisha


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