the truth about God



During my quiet time today, I read a verse that I have read probably 1,000 times.

“I am the way, the truth, and the life.” {John 14:6a} <<< This is Jesus speaking. Jesus the Christ, son of God, Savior of the world.

Usually, my heart takes that and holds it dear. But today, I studied each word. I didn’t want to miss a thing.

Jesus is proclaiming that He is the way. The way to what? The only way to God the Father.  “No one can come to the Father except through Me.” -John 14:6b {end of the exact verse above}… I am reminded of all the other religions in this world. But, I am encouraged that JESUS is the WAY. He is the only way to God, to eternal life, to Heaven, to true living, to full & abundant living.

Jesus expresses that He is the truth. This is a breath of fresh air to my soul. How many lies do we hear each day? We open a magazine and read “End of  the world: Tomorrow!” or “Jesus’ blah blah found here: Bible is false” Lies! We go to work everyday or even attend class and all sorts of lies are traveling through the air. But Jesus. Jesus is the truth that we are all seeking. He is pure. He is love. He is the answer. He is the way. He is the light in this dark world. If He is truth, then everything in the Bible said about Him is truth. Don’t let the liar, satan, deceive you. Yes, God really did say that He is the way, the truth, and the life. Believe it, sister! The twelve disciples touched Jesus’ pierced hands and feet. They couldn’t keep that to themselves!

Lastly, this may be my dearest truth about Jesus.

Jesus looks lovingly into the eyes of His followers (especially Doubting Thomas) and says, “I am the life.” He is the life! He is the Way to true eternal Life and that is the Truth! No more death, no more lies, no more sickness, no more pain, no more struggling. Not only is He the eternal life in Heaven but He is abundant and full living here on earth. We have the opportunity to die to our sin and come to life again through Jesus!

If you ever find yourself doubting, ask God for faith and take Jesus at His word. His word IS truth!

This list of verses from 1 John below is found in my NKJ Women’s Study Bible. I always find it helpful and hopeful when I am going through a time of doubting. I encourage you to go ahead and read all of 1 John. You won’t regret it 😉

What is of God

  • Light {1 John 1:5-7; 1 John 2:9-10}
  • Truth {1 John 1:6; 2:4}
  • Life & Eternal Life {1 John 1:2; 3:14}
  • Love {1 John 2:10; 3:11}
  • Love with action {1 John 3:18}
  • That which remains forever {1 John 2:17}
  • Having no sin {1 John 3:5-6}
  • Righteousness {1 John 2:29; 3:7 & 12}
  • Acknowledgment of the humanity of Christ {1 John 4:2}
  • Acknowledgement of the divinity of Jesus {1 John 4:15}
  • The Spirit of God {1 John 4:2}
  • The Spirit of Truth {1 John 4:6}
  • Faith {1 John 5:4, 10}


What is NOT of God

  • Darkness {1 John 1:5-6; 2:9,11}
  • Lies {1 John 1:6; 2:4}
  • Death {1 John 3:14}
  • Hate & Fear {1 John 2:11, 4:18}
  • Lack of Compassion {1 John 3:17}
  • That which is temporal {1 John 2:17}
  • Sin {1 John 3:4}
  • Evil Acts {1 John 3:8, 12}
  • Denial of the humanity of Christ {1 John 4:3}
  • Denial of the divinity of Jesus {1 John 2:22}
  • The spirit of the Antichrist {1 John 4:3}
  • The spirit of falsehood {1 John 4:3}
  • Unbelief {1 John 5:10}

Be Joyful Always!




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