just BE STILL!

So, it’s Wednesday. The day after Tuesday. For SOME crazy reason, I completely forgot to post the newest “Testimony Tuesday” yesterday. I had no idea it was already Wednesday until my husband let me in on that little secret. What is wrong with me?! I will blame my forgetfulness on the many trips & recovery road I am still on. Forgive me?! I hope you can because I do have some exciting news to share.

I have been given an awesome job/training opportunity. It’s an opportunity that I have about 80% peace about. I struggle with insecurity from time to time so I am always so anxious over stepping out and doing something I know nothing about! Since I haven’t prayed much about it like I should be & among other things, I am taking some time away from social media & all things that could be a distraction to seek the Lord about these future endeavors. I want to make sure that God is 100% in and that my head isn’t leading me astray. Also, I really just need some time to chill out with Jesus. Me + Him and the occasional dog walk while my husband is at work.

So, you will not hear from me for the next six days {until next Testimony Tuesday!} I will be fasting from all social media, seeking, searching, listening quietly, & waiting for peace and direction. I am excited for this sweet time. I feel like I most definitely need a break. I absolutely LOVE blogging, reading, & writing but there comes a time when a few hours in the Word is much more needed than a few hours on the internet. Facebook can wait 😉

I am excited to see where God will lead & if this opportunity really is His will. I am a big believer on having God’s peace about something before I jump head first into it. “Just do it” never worked for me. Thanks anyway, Nike.

On a serious note, I pray that you too will take some special time to seek & enjoy carved out time with your King! Make time to just be still before Him. Listen to Him. I know I won’t be disappointed!

While I am away, head over to my Facebook page “Hot Tea and the Empty Seat” & catch up on what’s been going on. I can’t wait to share with you all what God spoke to me about & taught me during this time!

Be blessed!





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