something about a morning

There is something so refreshing about mornings. This is a brand new day. I am sitting on a big red couch at my in-laws admiring the gorgeous morning God has graced us with. Last night, it rained, stormed, and thundered all throughout the night. It was dark, wet, cold, and windy. Not the loveliest weather we’ve had.

But this morning.

The morning after the storm.

The birds are chirping, the sun is casting it’s bright golden hues through the puffy white clouds onto the earth. And I am reminded of this..

“Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning.” {psalm 30:5b}

You may be in the eye of the biggest storm of your life and all you can do is weep. Beloved, hold on to hope! Because just as the dawn brings a joyful new day, Joy is coming for you!
Your struggle will NOT last forever. Joy will come in the morning. Just hold on to Jesus!

You may be in a season of renewed joy like I am experiencing. You have spent countless nights in the storm but hope has dawned and Joy found you where you were. Praise Him for that! He is so faithful. He never leaves us out in the storm for too long.

Oh how He loves us! Enough to run into the middle of our storm and save us. He truly is Savior.

I hope we always savor each warm ray of His joy shining upon our faces.

I am learning to Live intentionally in His joyfulness. One morning at a time.



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