Surprise Birthday Trip!


Roadtrips: the only acceptable time to eat an entire bag of goldfish, fudge cookies, & fruit snacks and regret not one bite.

My hubby and I are nine hours into my surprise birthday trip! We have one more hour to go before we hit our first destination for the night.. Joe’s cousin’s house! Joe grew up in Pennsylvania so it’s always such a fun time to get together and catch up!

During the first couple of hours, Joe gave me little clues as to where we were headed! I’ll be posting them along with pictures after the trip. I want to be able to soak up all of this fun & be in every moment.

A bit ago, I read Matthew 8 outloud as a mini devotion since we hadn’t had time this morning. Go read Matthew Chapter 8!! It is packed full of amazingness. So much FAITH, healing, miracles, & power.

God is good. He has blessed me immensely. My birthday is tomorrow and I am so praising God for giving me LIFE! I pray everyday that I will always have a grateful heart, never taking any of this wonderful, crazy, scary, beautiful life for granted. I hope that is your prayer as well…

Now, let’s celebrate in…


❤ Katie



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