all of these little moments.

life is full of moments. little or big, happy or sad, unusual or mundane, these little moments make up our big life. I am learning more each & every day to hold on to each moment. Because life is passing by so quickly & I want to live intentionally. I don’t want to miss a moment. last night, I accidently shrunk my husband’s sweater. my feelings were hurt because of the way he reacted so that put a damper on the night. (he quickly apologized of course but I’m a sensitive baby when it comes to my feelings, for real. he’s patient & the best)  BUT. after we crawled into bed, for whatever reason, he started laughing. that got me to start laughing and i’m not kidding when I tell you that we laughed until we couldn’t breath for a good twenty minutes. when bad moments turn into good, happy, sweet moments. don’t let them pass by. put yourself fully in those little moments. I want to share some little moments of our life from this past week. Oh, and pray for us. tonight will be the first night we have ever been away from each other since being married. Duty calls for hubby so I’m heading back home & getting together with the girls. I love my life of little moments.

20140304-083815.jpg 20140304-083827.jpg 20140304-083821.jpg 20140304-083832.jpg 20140304-083802.jpg 20140304-083808.jpg 20140304-083839.jpg

1. We picked up our sweet Penny from her puppysitter Monday. For the first time ever, she played with puppies her age & older. She is quite spoiled now. This morning, she opened our bedroom door, jumped on our bed, and laid down on my pillow without even asking. how rude. it was a funny, sleepy moment.

2. I love candles. they bring a sense of coziness to the moment & never fail to make a dinner seem fancier. I’m always burning candles. this one was French Baguette from b&bw. yum. it was a romantic, sweet moment.

3. this was our view from the car window moseying on through Pennsylvania. I wish you could of seen it. snow covered every farmhouse and created a light blue hue off in the distant valley. it was an antique, quiet moment.

4. this was one of four crosses we passed from tn to nyc. I love taking pictures of crosses. my favorites were three little wooden crosses on the right side of the highway (literally like Randy’s song). it was a supernatural, serious moment passing those crosses thinking about my sweet Savior. reminders of the pain he took & the glory He shown.

5. quite possibly my and my husband’s favorite breakfast menu. Mary b’s southern style biscuits topped with HOMEMADE grape & blackberry jelly straight from the vine of my grandmother’s little farm home. I will never be able to go back to store bought jelly. sorry, Welch’s, but gmama has got you beat. it’s always a warm, happy, lovely moment opening a mason jar full of fresh berries picked by the hands of my beloved grandma.

6.  oh these make me laugh. I decided to put my little apron on last night & whip up some “homemade” cookies. chocolate & peanut butter to be exact. I used a sugar cookie blend and added Hershey’s cocoa & peter pan peanut butter to the mix. but I forgot to “soften” the butter so I just added more butter (melted this time)…they ended up looking like poop & tasting like it too. 😉 I’m taking them home to my siblings. oh, Paula Deen, I should of added more butter.

7. technically this was a picture from last week. it’s in the American museum of natural history in NYC. I love big turtles so I had to get my pic taken with this big ole prehistoric of a turtle. Minus the hat, I’m pretty sure we’re about the same height. sweet. I’m sure he was a nice turtle. Probably could have eaten me.

savor your little moments. they make up life.



4 thoughts on “all of these little moments.

  1. Love this! It is so vital to have the ability to laugh and maintain a healthy perspective through all of life’s little roadbumps. Praying for you and your sweet husband. You have such a precious relationship and it will be such a sweet moment when you are reunited 🙂

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