bring on the blooms {& smoothies!}

Last time I checked in with you friends, I was in a sea of tissues, cold medicine, & hot tea. While hot tea is still close by, I am so thankful to say that I am feeling 90% normal again! Praise God for His healing hands!

Yesterday was a day of new blossoms, if you will. My handsome husband and I got amazing results from the doctor from a surgery I had six weeks ago, continued to not really fail at our healthy diet change, & were both refreshed by our Lord as He continually showered blessings over us. Especially since I started to be able to breath again (darn, allergies). Life seems to be blooming again. That rainy, in the dirt, waiting to bloom, season is over. Praise the Lord! I cannot end this without praising God for that season though. Ya know, the season when everything just seems to be in a rut or you’re going through something just plain hard? I feel ya. Good news though! Our faithful God of love always has a plan & we can trust Him in that, to bring the sunshine once again.

Speaking of sunshine,  I am getting anxious to get outside, run, clean, plant some flowers, and dance around the house with the windows open once again. In high hopes that spring is here to stay, I have a yummy, bright, & fruity recipe to share with you today! I’m no chef, so, recipes around these parts are scarce. I whipped up this easy & delicious smoothie for breakfast this morning. It’s great. And puts me in one of those excited, I-feel-healthy, yet this is so yummy moods.


12 Fresh, frozen blackberries

4 Fresh strawberries

Half of a banana, cut up

1 cup of orange juice

Before we start.. 1-don’t waste the other half of the banana! Bananas are a great source of vitamin B6, vitamin C, fiber, potassium, & other needed nutrients. 2-if you prefer a less creamy smoothie, add ice for a thicker “less of a milkshake” type smoothie. I used the frozen blackberries as my “ice” (our ice machine isn’t working) but they give it a more creamy texture. 3-I only had sunny D on hand but I believe that true orange juice would make this smoothie even better. 4-this makes one big serving so if you are up for sharing, simply double your ingredients. 5-enjoy!


1-Combine all ingredients in a blender & blend for 40 seconds.




40 seconds -or so- blending until it looks like…


your easy & delicious Spring Smoothie !

It goes perfect with a bible, journal, study, & some quiet time!


Enjoy each moment, give God the glory in all you do, & watch Him bring things to bloom all around you!

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