Who am I? {& a giveaway!}

Yes, a giveaway!!!! I am so excited to start my 2nd book giveaway. The giveaway starts TODAY –March 20th, 2014– and it ends two weeks from now! –April 3rd, 2014– So make sure, make sure, make sure that you enter! The giveaway is run by rafflecopter & is a random drawing. You increase your chances to win by doing things like sharing, commenting, & subscribing. Make sure to subscribe via email in order to unlock the other entry spots! But they will tell you all about it once you get there!

 Whispers of Hope by Beth Moore is a prayer journal & devotional. Wanting to increase your faith? Be more intimate with God? Work on your prayer life? Besides the Bible, of course, this devotional has enriched each of these areas in my life. And I want you to experience this joy as well! It has become more than a book to me. That is why I am giving it away!

It’s SUPER easy to enter this book giveaway, just click here:


Yay! So glad you entered! This morning, I just want to share one verse with you that I want us to dwell on, pray about, & really think about.

“and you are complete in Him, who is the head of all principality and power.” Colossians 2:10

You don’t have to continue chasing the opposite sex, success, popularity, acceptance, money, power, perfection, “love”, addictions, or anything else to make you feel complete. You will never be complete with those things…ever!

Beloved, YOU are COMPLETE in JESUS.

Those other things can and will fail you because they do not have the power and authority to complete you. Only Jesus Christ can uphold you, never fail you, give you purpose, & make you complete. As much as I love my husband, he doesn’t complete me. There are times when he fails me and I fail him. There are things that I need that he cannot give. Only Jesus can give me peace, joy, hope, salvation, purpose, & wholenessEverything my heart desires is found in Jesus, believe it or not. My husband’s job doesn’t complete him. He could be the number one top salesman in the country and still not feel whole or complete. Only Jesus can give him the confidence & wholeness his heart desires.

Beloved, stop putting your trust in other things besides Jesus. Your boyfriend, your success, your own children, or your looks will never complete you.

Only Jesus, only Jesus.  

His hand is held out to you. He is at the door of your heart waiting for you to open and receive him.

He is waiting to clothe you in strength, dignity, love, joy, & hope.

Let go of those other things & let him in.

Let Him complete you.




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