Are you available?


Last night, as I was sitting around a group of praying followers of Jesus, hungry for His power and peace, I heard one of them speak something that instantly went down deep into my heart and through my mind.

“God, you are always available.”

All I could think was, “how encouraging… how amazing… how true…”

Life happens so fast and so quick that it is so easy to fall into the mundane living of crossing things off our to-do lists and not having any time for our family, for others, and even for God.

We manage work, study, ministry, family, and for some: kids. But has it ever occurred to you all that God manages? It didn’t for me until last night. From the rising of the sun to the oxygen flowing through us as we speak, in human terms, it could be said that God is probably busy. Yet, He is always available. He is already there beside us when we call out for Him in our distress. He is taking care of His planet and making sure that every living creature has what it needs to survive.

I am drawn to examine my own heart for answers to these questions…

“Am I available for others?”

“Am I open to the needs of those around me or am I consumed by my own “daily grind”?

“Do I live a life focused on my needs or the needs of those around me?”

“Am I available to take time out throughout the day to sit at the feet of Jesus and just rest in His presence?”

 I have been pondering on what is truly important in my life and what is getting in the way of being available to God, to my husband, to my friends and family, to my neighbors, and to even strangers God places in our path. Another friend mentioned last night how intrigued he was by the way Jesus lived day-to-day. He was always available. It truly is amazing to read all the accounts of Jesus serving others day in and day out. Such love & strength.

From allowing little children to come to Him for blessings to going out of His way on a journey to see the woman at the well to staying up late one night with Nicodemus to healing thousands of people, Jesus was available and sensitive to the needs around Him.

Are you available?

Don’t miss out on God’s great blessings and teachings by being consumed with your own life. Be willing. Be available.

“For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” Mark 10:45

Happy Monday!



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