Head to Toe: Praying for Your Husband


Since I could remember, I have desired to be a wife. I remember daydreaming about how blissful the wedding day was going to be, all the spontaneous dates he will take me on and all of the memories that we will make along the way. Quickly after the honeymoon, I realized that marriage is hard work. And God showed me that there was going to be only one way to flourish and grow and truly love living with the man who I promised my forever to. That one way was with Jesus. In deep prayer and connection with my True Love so that I could truly love my husband.

Girlfriend, prayer is vital in your marriage.

If you are not married yet, start praying for your future husband now. This I have come to learn, that our husbands need our prayers. God has done an amazing work in my husband’s heart, in his faith, and in his actions just in the past couple of months that I have committed to pray for him daily. Your husband (or future husband or even boyfriend) doesn’t need another voice breathing down his back telling him how messed up you think he is. Praying throughout the day for my husband has become a true joy of mine. God gifted me with my partner-in-crime and I am taking care of that gift by daily lifting him up to Jesus in prayer. Here are a few encouragements and tips to get you started praying for your husband…

1- Pray for his hands. Pray that your husband will be a hard worker for Jesus. His job can easily wear him down so pray that he will work diligently and unto the Lord. Pray that his hands will always be working for the Lord in all that he does no matter his role in his occupation.  Pray that his hands will always be open for the blessings God so desires to give him.

2-Pray for his heart. God has called your husband to be a leader. He is the leader of you and your family. Pray that God will strengthen his heart to fight for you no matter what. Pray that God would soften his heart to your needs as a wife and to the needs of others around him. Pray for your husband’s heart to reflect the very heart of Jesus.

3-Pray for his head. Pray for protection over your husband’s mind. Pray that He will have God-glorifying thoughts throughout the day. Pray that God would rid his mind of negative thoughts, lustful thoughts, prideful thoughts, or any other thoughts that your husband may struggle with. Pray that he would have a mind that is set on Christ always. Praying for your husband’s heart and head go hand-in-hand. In order to have pure thoughts, you must have a pure heart. Ask God to fill your husband’s mind with things that are true, noble, & right. {Philippians 4:8}

4-Pray for his mouth. Death and life are in the power of our mouths. (Proverbs 18:21) Especially in marriage, it’s so important to watch what you say but we, along with our husbands, cannot do that alone. We need God’s help to tame our tongues. Pray for your husband to be slow to anger, slow to speak, and quick to listen. Ask God to help your husband lift you up in areas that you need encouragement in. Also, I know that in my husband’s workplace, most of the men have derogatory and negative speech. Pray for your husband to speak only words of encouragement, truth, love, hope, & purity.

5-Pray for his feet. Pray that your husband will have a willingness to follow Jesus no matter where that may lead. Pray that he would have the feet of a messenger of Christ. Pray that he will continue to follow Jesus, stay on the right path, and always walk upright.

Praying for my husband not only molds his heart to look more like Jesus’s heart but it also changes me and my heart. I change because I know that all of the things I am asking of God is exactly what I need in my life as well. I and my husband are two imperfect sinners in love with each other and in love with Jesus. As I pray for my husband, I pray all the more that God would mold me into the wife and woman of God that He has made me to be. Ladies, praying for your husband not only shapes and molds him, but it changes your heart from the inside out. I grow more in love with my husband when I pray for him.

Sit down early in the morning, on your lunch break, or while in bed and lift your husband up. He needs your prayers. You will find it such a joy to pray blessings and thankfulness over your husband!



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