The Struggle : Memory Book


A couple of months ago, I shared with you all my struggle/journey through negative thinking. You can check out those posts here, here, & here! In those writings, I shared a few tips and things that have encouraged and helped me along the way. I want to share with you another super helpful “tip” that I have been working on for the past couple of days.

 A couple of years ago, I used to memorize scripture and it grew me so close to the Lord because I had His Word tattooed on my heart and mind. Unfortunately, I let life happen and I became “too busy” to continue but praise Him for His sweet grace because it’s never too late to start again! A couple of friends in our small group shared one night that they had cards they kept in their purse with memory verses on them & whenever they felt the enemy’s fiery darts trying to pierce their hope, they would pull those cards out and speak LIFE & TRUTH into their mind instead of being taken over by their own thoughts. AMAZING. It has taken me close to seven months to finally put this into action for myself but again, its never too late! I don’t think that there is a better time to do it since I have been writing to you friends about my journey through fear & negative thinking.


The awesomely fun thing about this little project is that it can look however you want it to! On one of my trips to Target (a weakness store), my hubby helped me pick out this little beauty of a notepad that I thought was perfect to journal my verses in!


Yes, those are rend collective lyrics written on the front because at the moment, they are quite possibly higher on my faves list than Starbucks right now. Seriously, all of their songs from their Campfire album are soul-strengthening.


While sitting at Starbucks with my favorite man, I started out with a little beginning letter in the front of the journal if ever I was to lose this journal or hand it down to my daughter one day. Then, I pondered over what verses to add. I want this journal to be a quick go-to when I am in need of a  I decided that each page would be a different topic (fear, identity, being a good wife, joy, etc) and labeled it at the top that you can check out in the picture below! {By the way, those drinks in the picture above are our absolutely faves. Joe’s pink (hehe) one is a cotton candy frappe which is a vanilla bean Frappuccino with raspberry syrup & mine is a cinnamon dolce frappe! Now, go, snatch one up- I know you wanna! and start your memory book while you’re at it ;)}


I really do encourage you go start your own little memory book! It’s already been such a great encouragement to me & a helper in those times when I cant get right to my bible, am struggling in a certain area, or can’t remember a certain verse.


I also added a few quotes or song lyrics that pertained to my topic on that page. The writer in me absolutely loves to read other ‘s quotes 🙂 this is my THOUGHTS page…


To be honest, I had to google who David Jeremiah was because I didn’t even know beforehand but his quote is such a powerful reminder to me!


This was other powerful quote from John Piper that totally spoke straight to my heart. Oh, how important is it to remember that our FEELINGS are not always reality or true. God’s Word is ALWAYS TRUE. This is such a blessing to me. I had to add it so I could always see this beautiful reminder.


This was seriously our view as we sat outside of Starbucks reading God’s precious words to us….


Our Father paints so wonderfully!

I so long for the day that I can see this sunset from above with The Son but until then, I will carry His Word in my heart & mind!

I would love to hear from you if you have a memory book and I would love to see it! feel free to hop on over to Hot Tea and the Empty Seat’s official Facebook page to share it with everyone! Can’t wait to hear how God is working in your life!






3 thoughts on “The Struggle : Memory Book

  1. That is awesome! I have a little 3×5 card spiral bound book that I used to write out memory verses in. I need to get back to that. You can never have too much of the Word stored in your heart! I, too, love, love the Campfire album! “You Bled” is my absolute favorite!! It has kind of a quirky beat that I adore. Blessings! 🙂

  2. Absolutely LOVE this! I call mine a faith journal, and haven’t put verses in it in forever! :-/ So great to see this post, its definitely encouraging!

    Blessings and lots of love!

    – Shar

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