little prayers & big plans


yesterday, my husband & I had the opportunity to serve in our local church’s children ministry. since moving here nine months ago, it was our first time serving with children in a new place. little hands and sweet smiles surrounded us as we started our morning worship. it was such a refreshing time. I had forgotten how sweet and innocent, loud and funny kids really are. later, the children broke up into groups of four or five and I was helping with the prayer station. I am so thankful that God placed me there because I had no idea how He would bless me just in that short hour. eight little high-heeled feet skipped outside and sat on the concrete benches. my friend, Katie, asked them these questions..

“has there ever been a time when it was tough to believe God?”

“have you ever doubted God, like Thomas?”

“has there ever been a time when you thought your plans were right but then realized that God had a different plan for you that was truly better?”

from ages 7-11, most answers were wise beyond their age. it kinda blew me away. in my little faith, I figured they would be staring off into space jabbering about Frozen & their puppies. I sat and listened to a little girl who told us how her parents getting a divorce caused her to think that God had abandoned her yet she knew that He has bigger plans. she reminded me so much of myself when I was her age. but I hadn’t that kind of faith in God yet.

it was so encouraging and made my heart happy to hear the little prayers because in reality, they were big prayers. I can’t put into words how much it encouraged me to listen to the pure prayers of children. it reminded me of how much Jesus loved blessing children. theirs truly is the kingdom. I so want to have their big faith.

I have been struggling with trusting God and believing Him since He has completely erased my plans and has been working out His own plans in my life. I was reminded this morning that those questions weren’t only for the kids. they were for me. I am in a season of changed plans and trying not to doubt God’s plans.

Isn’t it amazing that if we just open our hearts and eyes to see, God is speaking straight to us?

He is!

He wants you to know that His plans for you are FAR BETTER than you could ever imagine or hope and plan your life to be. His Word says that His ways are higher than our ways and His thoughts higher than ours. {Isaiah 55:9}

You shouldn’t expect your life to turn out the way you think it will because God’s plans for us are so much glorious than our petty little plans.

He takes away in order to give back 10 fold.

He breaks apart to build back up correctly.

He is mighty, awesome, loving, holy, and able to be trusted.

He has not forgotten you. He has a redemptive plan. A WONDERFUL, glorious, restoring plan.

We serve a mighty gracious God









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