lately, tennessee

lately, life has been “full”

full of the following…

early work days for my hubby which means long day dates (<3 x 1,000) & new bikes!

busy weekends back home spent with family, cooking out, laughing together, & enjoying time spent with them

busy sunsets & lunch times spent photographing people

editing those sweet pictures  & getting them all ready to be sent out

attending Harvest, worshipping, & learning about the children’s ministry that husband & I will soon be teaching once every third Sunday!

sitting around a circle of my ladies sharing our hearts & declaring Christ’s love over each other and/or group texting about our crazy days

& repeat.

I haven’t had time to sit and write in what feels like an eternity. (dramatic, maybe?) It feels so good to be back at my laptop writing to you. I hope you have missed me as well. HA.

First of all, I want to share something with my TENNESSEE readers. I know I have at least three. Here goes:

I have a photography business that I have been running for a couple of months now. My husband helps me (I love to call him my little assistant) and I shoot. Pictures that is 😉  Our business has been booming lately & I am loving it. But I need you. We’re having a special that is only here for two more days! Nothing like waiting until the last-minute right?! I blame it on my mom. Any who, it’s an AWESOME deal. It’s $10 off any session except weddings. We shoot everything from portraits, couples, babies, maternity, graduates, parties, WEDDINGS, & everything in between. I’ll let you in on a small secret: that’s only $45-$55 for each one HOUR session! Plus, you get a fully edited CD with 65+ pictures. Why not book a session today?! If I could, I would totally take me up on this offer! We have a website & a Facebook page & you can email me to ask any questions. Here is the info you need:  —here you can find all the prices & see some of my work. this website is still in the works so bear with me 😉 —here you can see ALL of my work & see for yourself how awesomely creative my hubs is. 🙂 & how much fun we have. PLUS, everyone:  “like” our page to keep up with us & get the DL on upcoming surprises! —here you can ask me questions & book a session!

it’s THAT simple! So, all you TENNESSEEANS, show your support!

If you like what you see yet you don’t live in TN, shoot me an email anyway! We may work something out!



lately, I have seen soooo many of my blogger friends do this & I thought I would jump on the bandwagon. Enjoy!

lately, I have been….


Reading: the book of Job, Whispers of Hope, 7, & about to start Rhinestone Jesus!
Wanting: my house to always stay clean (today is cleaning & grocery day, yippee)
Looking: outside of my window at the little bird’s nest our birdie friends are creating ❤
Playing: with Penny, our Siberian retriever puppy, outside in this beautiful weather
Wasting: time wishing my house was clean instead of actually cleaning it
Trusting: that God’s timing is perfect & I can put my full hope & trust in Him especially in the hard times
Wishing: something would just work out already.
Enjoying: long days spent with my precious husband enjoying God’s beauty
Waiting: for the next person to book a photography session with us!
Liking: the new BIKE my awesome hubby bought me yesterday & the new teal toms he surprised me with!
Wondering: how awesome God really is.
Loving: time spent with my husband lately & the friendships that have been growing within our smallgroup
Hoping: that God would work a situation out sooooon so that I can move on with my life
Marveling: at how amazing & loving Jesus truly is
Needing: more motivation to serve Him
Anticipating: mother’s day weekend! & what Penny will chew up next ;/
Contemplating: whether or not I should get a PT job…… neh. 🙂
Eating: LOADS of queso & humus. im so not healthy 🙂
Smelling: Penny’s new clean smell. finally!
Praying: for lost family members to come to know Jesus for who He is: their Savior
Giggling: about how smart my dog really is & how much she tries to trick me to take her outside to play.
Feeling: grateful, overwhelmed, unmotivated, loved, blissful, tired, happy, sad. I’m such a woman.
Katie, lately.
How have you been lately?
I’d love to hear from you!


One thought on “lately, tennessee

  1. Enjoyed this quick catch-up… will not jump on the bandwagon though; Not enough photos and too far from Tennessee – *smiling face*

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