Choices: You or God

Life is a funny thing. One moment you think you have it all together. The birds are chirping, you have your summer drink in hand, and all is good in the world. You snap a pic & show the world through facebook & instagram. God has surely blessed you. “Come at me world”, you think while the Rocky theme song plays in the back of your mind.

Then it does. And like your Starbucks frappe, your life is melting down around you. One word, one doctor’s appointment, one look, one phone call. One bad move & it’s over. Where is the sunshine then? Where are all of God’s blessings when you feel like the man Job while he is losing everything he has?

I have lived a good life. An easy life. I graduated high school & two and a half years later, met the man of my dreams and got married. Now we live in a perfect house with a semi-sweet puppy and my husband is successful in his job; so much so that I don’t have to work outside of the house. I have a photography business and if I ever am in need of anything, well, it’s at my fingertips. I have never had any real near death experience. I have struggled but pretty much all of my family is living and healthy. I don’t worry about where my next meal will come from & I don’t have to lock up every window in the house in fear of other’s intruding. Technically, I have it all & then some.

Yet, sometimes, I’m not happy. I’m not content. I’m not full of joy.

Living in America can do that to you. And each day is a battle between this world & the next. This “home” and my REAL home, Heaven. It’s a choice between putting my trust in my husband or in Jesus. It’s a choice between indulging or going “without”. It’s a choice between spending all my time working on a blog or facebook page so that I will look good or doing it for the glorify of God. When I depend on my life to bring me happiness, I get let down time & time again.

When it boils down to it, life is a choice between me or God.

His way or my way. His Kingdom come or my selfish kingdom furthered. My wants, needs, dreams, & ambitions or God’s commands. Me or others.


You see, it’s not easy. I have come to realize that life isn’t rainbows & butterflies. (oh, surprise.) marriage isn’t about my happiness. life isn’t about my success. my LIFE isn’t about myself. and little by little, I am being forced to realize that. God is putting trials and hardships and scary situations and hard conversation and heartbreaking moments in my life to help me see a little better.

Life, my purpose, my goals, my marriage, my (insert whatever belongs to you here), isn’t really MINE. I do not belong to myself. I have been bought with a price. My dead in sin soul has been bought with the price of God’s son by God Himself. My Heavenly Father snatched me up while I was on my way to hell and He brought me into His family. He gave me a clean heart & a new purpose. An eternal purpose. One bigger than any dream I could ever dream up.

He gives true & edifying & fulfilling purpose to this confusing, messy life of mine. With Jesus as my life, I don’t have to lose hope when everything crashes around me. Because I know that there is so much more to the story than what I am seeing & God, the lover of my soul, is in complete control of my life.

Whether my world is picture perfect or nearly desolate, I mustn’t forget my reason for living and the One who brought me to life.

He fulfills. He brings peace & order & everyday, I must seek His voice and follow. Because if I do not, I will get caught up in the rat race of this world and twenty years will fly by and I will look by wondering where it all went.

 He is my purpose. Glorifying & praising & loving & sharing the One who saved my soul and my life from eternal hell and earthly hopelessness.

I must guard my heart from this world’s advice. The advice to seek my own happiness, to live for myself, & do whatever makes me happy. Sadly & truthfully, that’s impossible. I cannot create my own happiness. Because we don’t control our lives. God has full reign & like a loving parent, He knows what is best. It has taken a bit for me to understand this. But time will tell & God will reveal: HE is the giver of all things good.

True joy comes from choosing God’s ways above your own. Picking up your cross & carrying it. Until the day we reach Heaven.

Every day is a choice. We get to choose.

I choose eternal joy over temporary happiness.

I choose hope.

I choose Jesus.

What about you?




One thought on “Choices: You or God

  1. Wow. This is so good! Just this morning I was thinking about my life and the things I had and don’t have + the things that happened and didn’t happen like I planned in the past and I realized that none of those things matter because in the end this life has nothing to do with me. It’s all about Jesus. And His sole purpose for me is not to give me the stuff I want and make my life fall into place just like I plan it to but to take me go through situations that will build me up and help me become more like Him so that I can be a better reflection of Him to the world around me (of course, most of them are not too easy or pleasant).

    It becomes easier to live with purpose when we live in light of eternity instead of the fading things of this world. Thank you for sharing this! Be blessed!

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