This word


Has been on my heart for the last few days

I spend so much time trying to figure life out

Do I live in His grace or do I follow these rules to please Him?

Do I get this job, serve at this place, or do something different? What does God want me to do?


God created humans with a purpose.

He created us to reflect Himself.

He wrote out our days before He sewed us together quietly in our mother’s womb.

His goal, our purpose..

To reflect Him & glorify Him

To spread His love in this world.

It is going to look different for everyone. We each have our own story.

We are doctors, mothers, policemen, business owners, teachers, counselors, builders, creators, caretakers.

None greater than the other

Yet we all have one great purpose

And that is to glorify God in all that we do.

Be encouraged today that no matter what your job title is in this season of your life, you always have an opportunity to share Jesus and His love, what He has done for you, and the joy and change that He gives.

Don’t forget your purpose.

Now, go out & live big



One thought on “Purpose

  1. Wow this is such a great reminder! As I go through my routine each day I find that I forget my purpose sometimes. Today was one of this days and this little passage just speaks to me!

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