Summer Bible Study: Romans // Intro


I am STOKED that you are here! I am so excited for what God is going to teach us and show us through this time studying and digging into His Word. Whether you love it or are somewhat intimidated by “bible studies”, let me reassure you that you are in the right place! I’m not a smart and fancy bible genius so I don’t expect you to do this any certain way. Bible study may sound like a lot and if you’re like me and hated studying in school, I hope this is a breath of fresh air to you. It’s fun!

Before we start, I just want to share a little background info about the book of Romans. I think it’s good to know the what, who, when, where, & why for everything we read, especially God’s Word!

What? It’s a New Testament book of the Holy Bible, God’s one & only living Word to the entire human race 🙂

Who? This dude named Paul wrote the book of Romans. Formally known as Saul, he was what you would call a “beast”. He hated Christians and he thought he was doing God a favor by persecuting and sending Christians to jail. You can read all about him in the book of Acts 8-9. His life COMPLETELY changed when, on his way to persecute more Christians, JESUS spoke to Him while traveling along a road. The light of Jesus was so bright, the Christian-slayer was physically blind for days. But spiritually blind was he, no longer! Jesus spoke to him so clearly and so powerfully that from that day on, he worshipped Jesus, the risen Lord. Jesus told him that what he was doing wasn’t at all furthering the Kingdom of God but rather tearing it down. Jesus changed Saul’s life. It’s an amazing story of God’s redemption and saving Grace. He changed Saul so much so that his name changed to Paul. Paul is known as a powerful Christ follower who actually wrote much of the New Testament after his transformation. He turns out to be one awesome dude.

When? Written approximately in A.D. 57*, this book, like the entire bible is pretty ancient I think we can all agree. What’s awesome is that each verse in Romans has always been and will always be extremely practical no matter what time setting you find yourself. So, 2,000 years later, it’s still rocking my world. I can’t wait for it God to use it to change yours.

Where? Paul wrote this while in Corinth although the letters were written to Christians in Rome.*

To Who? The book of Romans was specifically written to a group of believers in Jesus who lived in Rome.*

Why? According to verses in Romans 1:11-12 and Romans 16:25-26, Paul wrote to the Christians because he wanted to strongly encourage them in their faith and keep them in unity, ask for prayer himself {rom. 15:32}, and also hope to rally up some support for a mission trip to the west {rom. 15:23-29}. He also shows throughout the book how much he wishes he could come visit them in Rome. Paul loved seeing churches grow in their faith and devotion to the Lord and if He could be there, he so would. But, as you will later find out {especially if you read Acts}, Paul is one busy, adventurous, and devoted dude to his Savior. He loves leading people and encouraging them.

Why Romans? Since this book was written directly to the roman church under the direction of the Holy Spirit, I believe it’s full of truths that were meant for YOU & ME! This isn’t just a letter from one friend to another. This was placed in the bible that is in your hands for a reason! God has so much to say to you through this book, so much to teach you, and so much love to show you! {just like every other book in the Bible!} It’s challenging, encouraging, and full of God-soaked truth.

I believe we all need a little more Truth in our lives, don’t you?

I hope this little intro to the grand book of Romans paints at least a mini-sized picture of what’s going down. I have my hot tea in hand, my bible in my lap, and a commentary open to Romans chapter one! After you finish reading this post, I encourage you to dig into chapter one if you haven’t already!

Here are a few “tips” before you get started…

First, put away your cell phone {Facebook ain’t goin’ nowhere) and open your bible in front of you. Grab your notebook and a pen as well! See, this is easy stuff!

Next, pray and ask God to help you focus while you read. Ask Him to reveal to you whatever He wants you to see. Ask Him to help you understand what you are reading.

Finally, dig in! Take notes, write down questions you have, verses that pop out at you, and whatever else you feel like jotting down!


While in the coffee stop yesterday, I made a little DIY note-taking answer key. You’re totally welcome to use it if you like!

While you’re taking notes, you can add these to the side to keep everything organized and easier to understand when you meet up here each Thursday to add your comments!

D = Discussion {what you feel like you want to discuss or look further into like themes, topics, etc}

Q = questions you have about a verse that you don’t understand or want further info about

* = important or good stuff! I tend to do this to almost every verse especially if you put a highlighter in my hand, everything turns to yellow or pink 🙂

#  = the chapter/verse(s) that you are referring to {ex: ch 1 v 19 – paul writes about how God has shown himself to humans} 

Next time we meet up here, it will be next Thursday {June 5th} and we will have finished reading Chapter ONE in Romans. That’s right, you have an entire week to read only one chapter. See, I told you this would be fun! I encourage you to read it over and over again because I promise you that you will find different nuggets of truth each time you read it! That’s what is so amazing about His Word!!

Please know that I am praying for each of you who are doing this summer bible study with me. I am praying that God will speak to you in mighty ways, rekindle the desire for reading His Word, and bring you into a more intimate and closer relationship with Him!


“Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.” Romans 1:7b


Hot Tea and the Empty Seat

*- These references came from my HCSB Study Bible



8 thoughts on “Summer Bible Study: Romans // Intro

  1. I am totally doing this! I was just thinking what book I should start and it looks like it is Romans! I’m so excited for this journey and thank you in advanced!

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