Coffee Break // Humility

“The Lord is King forever and ever,

the nations will perish from His land.

Lord, you have heard the desire

of the humble;

You will strengthen their hearts.

You will listen carefully,

doing justice for the fatherless

and the oppressed

so that men of the earth

may terrify them no more.”

Psalm 10:16-18


Lord, help us to have humble hearts and live humble lives. May your mighty hand hold us and keep us. Strengthen our hearts today. Lord, you are a good and faithful God. Even when it seems like there is no justice in this world, you remind us that You alone have the right to judge. You will not abandon the fatherless and the oppressed. We trust in You. Give us hearts like your heart. Give us hearts that hear the cries of the oppressed & fatherless. Thank you for your great love for us! In Jesus name, Amen.  


As you go through your day today, ask God to give you eyes to see the oppressed and fatherless people around you. Then, share with them the Love of Christ that set YOU FREE & made you a member in the family of God!

Isn’t He a great Father?! He is good.



***If you haven’t been following along with us in our Romans bible study, do that now! We will be going over chapter two today! It’s not too late to get involved and into God’s Word!


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