Friday Faves //

Y’all, it’s FRIDAY. This weekend is SO special. Some of my family & Joe’s family will be coming down this weekend & staying with us. Yipee! We are celebrating Joe’s Birthday and also celebrating Father’s Day with his dad & my stepdad. Next weekend, I will be hiking with my dad. Happy Dad’s Day! It’s pretty sweet that I have so many dads. I have a dad, stepdad, dad-in-law, & sorry y’all but my heavenly Dad trumps them all. I’m so thankful for each of them! We are also celebrating my Sweet Husband this Saturday! His birthday is next Wednesday & we’re celebrating with family this weekend. It was a surprise but because it’s kinda complicated to plan an entire weekend with 20+ people alone, I decided to tell him! Thankfully, he was excited to know. But.. I have a special secret surprise day planned on his actual birthday & I am not letting this cat out of the bag!

In honor of such a fun weekend just beginning, I want to share my faves from this week!

1. 20140613-082923.jpgEarth Fare’s chocolate cupcake. Okay-confession-… my husband and I may or may not have traveled to earth fare 3-4 times this week to get their amazingly delish chocolate cupcakes and we may or may not have endured a flash flood/thunderstorm to get said cupcake from said grocery store. Okay, we did. We use the excuse that everything in their cupcakes are healthier than the normal preservative-packed cupcake. Whatevs if they’re still filled with sugar & calories. WE LOVE THEM.



We have a flower!!! I have been waiting on and watering this little guy for months now. Each morning, I give him a little drink & wait for him to sprout in the sunlight on our kitchen windowsill. One morning, my husband woke me up to let me know that we had a sunflower! It was sweet. This is our first plant we grew together in our home. It reminds me of the quote, “bloom where you are planted”. It’s so easy to wish your life away. Wish you lived somewhere else, doing something better, in a happier place. But really, if we are just patient and trust God, we will blossom & grow right where we are! And we can find happiness & peace where we are at because we trust that God, the sower of every seed, placed us in the perfect spot. And His Son is all we need to flourish and grow! {the little tiny pot beside the sunflower is our strawberry plant. It was only $1 at target, okay. 😉 we may never see actual strawberries but it’s still fun to watch it grow!}



My hubs & I decided we were going to TRY to eat better. {I say this after I told you about the cupcakes.. keyword TRY hehe} I have been making my very own smoothies to drink for breakfast, as a snack, or a lunch substitute. I also add a handful of kale and/or spinach to eat drink so I know I am getting all the nutrients I need. I normally add coconut water for the liquid + tons of fruits. Yesterday, I added cranberry juice (no sugar added) to see if I enjoyed it better than coconut water. Eh, I think I will stick with my coconut water. I don’t have set recipes for each drink. I like to keep it simple though. My staples for each drink is one big kale leaf (stem removed), a handful of spinach, 2 fruits, & a liquid (natural coconut water). LOVE THEM! My fave has to be my kale apple drink. Granny smith for the win!



No one ever told me how hard it is to get your house in perfect shape. I thought it would just kinda happen & I would never be one of those people who keep everything. Well, life surely happens. It has taken us almost a year to get our guest room just how we like it. And wouldn’t you know, it took less than 2 hours. Surprise, surprise. All I needed was a little company-the hubs, motivation-family staying over in less than a day with nowhere to lay their heads, & a vacuum-which we had all along. I hope I’m not the only one to procrastinate in the house. Right?! We decorated our guest room in a beach-y theme. We already had the nightstand and the lamp from Joe’s old apartment. (Win!) We added shelving to the walls that I found in a closet & topped them with seashells from our last beach trip. I went around the house looking for things I could add to the room instead of going out and buying everything. Add a candle (Christmas gift), a cute frame (from our wedding),  & a bible (extra we already had) & you have yourself a cozy guest bedroom!



Yesterday, I visited my friendly neighborhood sbux for a little r&r. Oh, and I wrote the Romans chapter 2 review here! Which you need to check out if you haven’t already! The nice little cashier dude gave me a half-off venti cool lime refresher because he said he added something “special“… still not sure what that means but I haven’t turned green yet, so I think I’m in the clear. It was a blessing! I love me a cool lime refresher! I also started the #100happydays challenge. You can find it here. It’s a challenge to be happy for 100 days. It’s free & fun. I just love a good photo challenge every now and then. You can check out my #100happydays on Hot Tea and the Empty Seat’s Facebook page! This pic was my day #1. 🙂 HAPPY!


how has your week been?




4 thoughts on “Friday Faves //

  1. I love cupcakes too! I have been meaning to try more smoothies and I have never thought of adding apple (weird right?) so I am totally doing that this week! And lucky you for that Starbucks! I hope you had a good weekend!

    • Apples are great in smoothies just make sure you add enough liquid to level it out bc the apples make one frothy smoothie! 🙂 also, our weekend was something else. My mom was in the hospital but then was able to leave a couple days later -praise God!- but on the bright side, we were able to have great family time! Hope you had a great weekend! Hope you’re enjoying Romans!

      • I’m so sorry about your mom! I’m praying everything is okay now and good job looking on the bright side of things! My weekend was kinda hectic with my sister’s dance recital and online classes consuming my free time but I did find a summer job (finally)! I’m loving Romans and your little bible study!

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