Summer Bible Study: Romans // 5 & 6

I was broken yet in my brokenness, Jesus picked up all of my pieces. I was made whole by the one who loves me wholly. He put me back together & called me His beloved child. Not because I did anything to deserve this. You see, it was quite the opposite. I was an enemy of God.

I was an enemy of God because of my sinfulness. I was blinded by the lust of this world, drowning in this sea of self that trickled down to hell. And at my worst state, God saw me. His eyes looked upon ME. And He loved me in that moment. He loved me enough to save me. Enough to swoop me up out of that ocean of sin that I was drowning in. Jesus Savior, magnificent. Jesus, the life saver of every sinful soul. God gave that precious spotless Lamb away to be slaughtered. Why? Because God Himself loves us so passionately and so supernaturally.

You can cross out every “I” & “me” in those paragraphs above and add in your own name because it is true. This story of love & loss & redemption on a cross isn’t just for the holidays. You see, it’s everything. It’s life. It’s truth. It’s the only truth in this world. How do I know this? Because I experienced it & I believe. & as much as you and I do not deserve it, God loves us, along with every other human being on earth so purely & personally, He loves us. And He wants us to be in relationship with Him because He made us & said it was good. & Jesus Christ, God in the flesh of man, is the way into that perfect union with the Father.

It’s through faith in Jesus that we are declared righteous & able to stand confidently in the presence of God Himself.

This is the beautiful story of redemption for mankind.

This is what Paul is writing to us in Romans 5 & 6.

This week of review is going to be a little different. Because these two chapters are packed full of truth & gratefulness, I want you to spend some time in prayer with God. One on one. Just you & Him. Find some time alone to be with him. Get on your face before our Father & bask in His glory!

Thank Him for His love to you

Thank Him for His goodness

Thank Him for making a way

Thank Him for the Cross

Praise Him for His grace

Praise Him for His mercy

Praise Him for His words of truth

Praise Him for His freedom

Ask Him for forgiveness

Ask Him for a clean heart

Ask Him for a closer relationship

Ask Him for His glory

You are alive through Christ, dead to your sin!



2 thoughts on “Summer Bible Study: Romans // 5 & 6

  1. I loved these 2 chapters and felt so renewed after reading them! Thanks for the reminder to spend time in prayer and that God can fix broken (no matter what I think). Such a great study so far!

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