Wifey Wear Wednesday

Fashion. Some love it & some hate it. I personally love it. Although I am no fashion blogger, I have always had the dream of sharing my closet with you all for a number of reasons. {And confession- I adore fashion blogs… so many ideas!}

A lot is written in the Bible about how to dress & how to present yourself. I wrote here about how God has called His beloved daughters to a high standard of presenting ourselves. We are His princesses! And princesses are modest, classy, & intentional about what they put on their bodies. I have a strong desire to see girls of all ages dress in a modern & up-to-date way without compromising our standards of beauty. I think it’s so important to remember that beauty has nothing to do with how you dress. It’s not about how silky your hair is, if you have a thigh gap, or if your face is flawless. True beauty comes from the heart. It’s a way of living. Beauty is defined in our culture and around the world by how you look on the outside. God defines beauty as how you look on the inside of your heart, your soul. I adore fashion & like to mix and match fun colors, patterns, & whatever else I can find on sale. But God always reminds me that He loves me despite my hot pink flip-flops & polka dot shorts. I don’t have to rely on my outward appearance to please anyone. I believe that fashion is a hobby. It’s a way of expressing your mood, your attitude, & can even give glory to God!

I am creating Wifey Wear Wednesday to inspire women of all ages that it is possible to dress fashionably and still keep your dignity. You can look “good” without showing off skin. This is a collection of outfits that I express myself as a wifey & woman of God!


I love pairing this necklace from Forever21 with almost everything! It’s great to have a statement necklace because they are so versatile, happy, & easy to add to any outfit.

My hubs and I snagged the teal bubble necklace at NYC’s Forever21 for a whopping $8!!! Talk about a happy shopper.

The earrings are from Premier Jewelry. They were actually free since I hosted a Premier show!

That denim shirt, or chambray, is from Hollister but you can pick one up at almost every fashion store nowadays. It’s probably my favorite shirt in my closet. Talk about versatile. Pair it with shorts, leggings if it’s long enough, a maxi skirt, or colored skinny jeans. Instant cuteness. I picked up my other chambray at Forever21 for only $7 on clearance! It’s worth it to dig a little!

Honestly, I have no clue where my wedding ring & band is from. All I know is my sweet hubs custom altered the original style to the engagement ring to make it look perfect & bought a special diamond at another shop. He did that so my ring would be special & one of a kind even if someone wanted to find one just like mine. One in a million, just like our love. He’s sweet like that. I had always dreamed of a thin band with a big stone & he did just that! I actually almost threw up when he got down on one knee and opened up that little black box. tmi 😉 All in all, it’s a constant reminder of God’s faithfulness & the constant faithful love that my husband and I share! And… it dresses up any outfit!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

A couple of months ago, each time my husband and I would go window shopping after dinner, I would search for a watch to match my style. I always thought that I could never pull watches off since my wrists are the size of a toddler’s. But after learning about “arm parties”, I fell in love with the idea. Although I’m not rocking a total arm party, I still love the watch we picked out. I found this pink & gold round-faced watch for only $12 at Charming Charlie’s!!!! Can you tell that I love deals? I pair this bad boy with some costume diamond bracelets and I have myself a fun little arm party. {I’m sure that sounds ridiculous to all you non-fashionistas) But regardless, it’s super convenient to rock a watch especially if it’s a cute one! Time flies!

And there you have it. Chambray, teal statement necklace, fun teal polka dot shorts that aren’t too short, & a pink watch. Pair these with some pink flip-flops & you have yourself the perfect Saturday outfit!

Check back next Wednesday for my next outfit!

You are LOVED…



6 thoughts on “Wifey Wear Wednesday

    • p.s. this is a perfect fit for The Pleated Poppy’s What I Wore Wednesdays link up if you haven’t already done it. Love that one!

  1. Cute!!! I found a super cute chambray shirt at Bass Outlet last weekend and was *this close* to grabbing it. I never thought I’d find clothes at Bass, but the outlet has great finds at super good deals. The teal necklace = adorable, and I just jumped on the watch bandwagon myself. My husband got me a delicate rose gold watch from Fossil with a camel leather strap, and I love it!

    • Oh my! I would of never thought about looking there! You should of snatched that up 😉 I believe I had my eye on that same watch at fossil right before buying the pink one at Charlie’s! Love fossil. It just wasn’t in the price range at the time, haha!

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