Summer Bible Study: Romans // Ch. 7

You’re back!! It is so good to be back in my little corner of Starbucks writing to you all. Welcome to our summer bible study! We have been in Romans for the last few weeks and today we are reviewing Chapter Seven! Did anyone else highlight the entire chapter?? Did anyone else whisper “amen” or “me too” about ten times? It’s comforting to be in good company with Paul, the writer of Romans. He is so transparent & real, something that I feel we need a bit more of in our lives.

If you haven’t read Romans 7 yet, I encourage you to do that first before you read on! It’s a short yet powerful chapter. Let’s jump right in!


Romans Chapter 7 {verses 1-12}

What is this passage saying?

Paul is calling out all of the people who base their belief of their standing with God on good works. There is no beating around the bush with this fella. Through the leading of the Holy Spirit of God, Paul, over & over, denounces this belief of self-righteousness. Through verses 1-6, Paul uses the analogy of marriage. We are born “married” to sin and the law. When a person gives their lives over to Jesus, they die to the law & their sin. The law loses it’s power over a person & Jesus becomes their Lord whom they obey. We are either bound to the law and sin or we are free in Christ. We do not gain freedom in Christ by being bound by the law because like his analogy, a wife cannot have two husbands. You are either bound by sin through the law or bound by freedom through Christ. Thank God that freedom in Christ is the only way to true peace, joy, & life.

Paul isn’t saying that the law is pointless. God created the law to point us to Jesus Christ, the fulfillment of the law. We realize our need for a Savior when we realize that we cannot keep the commands on our own. Like Paul says in verse 7, “For I would have not known covetousness unless the law had said, ‘You shall not covet.'” The law is in place so that we would KNOW how sinful we are & then seek forgiveness & cleansing from sin through Jesus. Some believe the lie that the law’s purpose is to save them.

How can I practically apply these truths to my life?

Have you realized your need for a Savior? Have you been seeking saving from something or someone other than Jesus? Understanding your sin is your first step. Maybe you have never asked for forgiveness. God WANTS you! He loves & desires a relationship with you! Do not wait another minute. Break up with sin. Freedom and life comes through faith in Jesus alone. Repent & move on with Jesus.

If you are a Christ follower, this is still practical for you. Are you trying to earn God’s acceptance? I struggled for years trying to please God with good works. I thought that the only way God loved me is if I did everything right. That’s an exhausting place to be. It’s a place that only leads to disappointment & not freedom. God loves you & He loves me regardless of what we do or do not do! There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ. Don’t beat yourself up over your sin but don’t flirt with it either! Like that bad ex, move on! Walk away from that sin & run into your Savior’s arms!

You’ll never be able to do it all on your own.

Rely on Him alone. Rely on God’s strength, the Holy Spirit’s power in you, & Jesus’ words to truly experience the life God has for you.

Chapter Seven {verses 13-25}

What is this passage saying?

Paul is exposing his heart to us in these last verses. He grips boldness as he spills his heart. “For what I am doing, I do not understand. For what I will do, that I do not practice; but what I hate, that I do. If, then, I do what I will not to do, I agree with the law that it is good. But now, it is no longer I who do it, but sin that dwells in me.” Then, this is the part that really comforts me, “for I know that in me (that is, in my flesh) nothing good dwells”

I am kidding myself if I think that I am a good person. Without Jesus, we are just sinful and weak. That totally blows the self-righteous belief right out the window. We are ALL in need of a Savior because we are all sinful. Until Jesus returns & makes all things new, we will always struggle.

Have you ever been there? Have you ever wondered why you keep on committing the same sin over and over? You know what you should do but you do the complete opposite?! You are in good company! Instead of God beating us down & leaving us spinning in this cycle of sin, He graciously and preciously gives us the strength we need every single day. He understands. Although we are new creations in Christ, we are still covered with human skin and this skin is soaked in sin. It’s in our DNA. We won’t be able to get away from it. We can try and try and try again. That’s why a daily relationship with Jesus is so important!

How can I practically apply these truths to my life?

Your walk with Christ isn’t a to-do list. It’s a friendship, a relationship. It’s just as real as the relationship you have with your spouse, parents, or best friend. It’s just a perfect version of a friendship. Jesus won’t ever let you down, mislead you, or lead you down the wrong path. His advice is perfect, his company is warm & fulfilling, & his words are sweet to the soul. He is amazing.

Realizing that you will never be perfect or good enough is the only way to be more intimate with God. He accepts our mess with open arms. He is big enough to handle our sins & our failures. He is the answer to every question & the antidote to every sick soul. He is faithful. He will give you joy & purpose!

Be comforted that you are not alone! You are not alone in this journey. And it’s definitely a journey. We arrive at our desired destination and will be made perfect, without sin, only when Jesus comes back or we go home to meet Him. Until then, it’s a fight. It’s a battle. It’s a journey. You’re going to fall and trip and trip again. You’re going to be exhausted. You’re going to want to turn around. Don’t. You’re not alone in this journey. We have each other, brother & sister. And we have the Greatest Friend & Strength on our side.

Ready-to-forgive, loving, strong, & compassionate Jesus ❤


Join us back here next week to cover CHAPTER EIGHT!

You are loved!




3 thoughts on “Summer Bible Study: Romans // Ch. 7

  1. Soooooo good!! Thanks for doing this, Katie! It’s so fun getting another perspective on the chapter and another voice reiterating what Paul is saying. I am so excited for next week’s chapter! It’s one of my favorites!! 🙂
    Much love!

    • Hey girl, I’m trying to get my photography business out there and since you’re from Chatt as well, I thought I would ask ya if you knew of anyone wanting pictures taken or getting married, etc. I do all categories 🙂 you can look us up at Kashner photography on Facebook 🙂

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