Wifey Wear Wednesday // COLOR

I love pops of color in my everyday outfits.

Today is no different. Sometimes I don’t feel like getting all dressed up just to drive to the grocery store and back. If you’re having one of those days, there is always a fun way to spruce up your casual outfit without feeling like a slob.

1- add bright colors

2- add accessories

Today’s outfit is casual but still classy. It’s totally possible, y’all! I naturally lean towards comfort during the week while I’m running errands so sprucing up a comfy outfit gives me that little confidence boost I need.



 20140716-140804-50884304.jpg This is quite possibly my favorite turban headband ever made. It was only a few $ at Forever21 {you will find that half of my wardrobe comes from that store} It’s cotton, stretchy & adorable. You can find them at forever21, claires, icing, charming charlies, the list goes on. You can also find them on etsy.com! I plan on racking up before our mission trip in October!


Blame it on my southern girl roots, but I love just about anything monogrammed. A friend from church back home designs monogrammed tshirts & I stocked up before my husband & I tied the knot.  {new initials!} They are the perfect bridal gift, btw! I just picked up a cotton T from Walmart for a whopping $4 & she worked her magic! This monogrammed T fancies up any casual outfit. Perfect for grocery shopping, the gym, & a day out on the lake!


I told you I love arm parties! Add a little bling to your watch & you are set on accessories! My husband bought me that pearl cross bracelet before we got married, I picked up the diamond bracelet at forever21 & I told you all about my lovely watch here!


Okay, so this isn’t the best quality picture nor is it the most flattering but you get the idea & I couldn’t skip on sharing with you my FAVORITE SHORTS OF ALL TIME. You think I’m being dramatic.. well, probably but because if you had some, you would understand. These are coral soft cuffed shorts from Express. I believe they are meant to be worn with fancy blouses but you can absolutely mix & match. Although they are a bit pricer than most shorts, it is worth it. They are great quality, thick, definitely a great length, & can be dressed up or dressed down. I have a white pair as well. If you are looking for a good quality and not too short pair of shorts, try these. You won’t regret it!


Last but certainly not least, my Teva flip flops. Hands down the most comfortable sandal/flip flop you can buy. I would totally put these on my “summer must haves” list. Although I only bought them yesterday, I have had my eye on some for years! My mom bought a pair a couple years ago and I wore them occasionally & they were amazing. This new style just came out & when I saw them at the mall, I knew I had to finally buy a pair. You can’t beat $25 comfort!

Until next time…

stay classy my friends 😛





9 thoughts on “Wifey Wear Wednesday // COLOR

  1. So cute! I love these posts. And I totally relate about hesitating to get dressed up just for errands – especially in the winter! Thanks for sharing your fun outfit ideas.

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