what’s on my heart…

 Since I’m sure you really don’t want to know what I had for lunch {chicken noodle soup} & I don’t have any world-breaking news to announce to you, I think I will just type what has been on my heart and see what happens. So, please enjoy this smorgasbord of random words & hopeful encouragement!

1– He Washed Me White As Snow {believing it}


This lovely print is from Lindsay Letters whom I found through Pray, Live, Create {both lovely blogs} & I just adore it. How many of you have gotten discouraged when you mess up -over & over- ? This girl does. We must have faith and believe that He forgives us not just once or twice or three times.. but infinity times. There is no end to His love & forgiveness. And he HAS washed you & I white as snow and He daily washes us–with His Word, His peace, His love, His children’s words of encouragement,  His comfort from our relationship with Him, the Holy Spirit, & in countless other ways. But most importantly and firstly only through His Spotless Son, Jesus, who cleanses our souls with His sacrificial blood. What a Savior!

2- My husband is SO awesome & this is what he surprised me with for our first anniversary….

photo 1 (3)

Despite the pictures, I was overly excited about my gift! {just kidding} He knows exactly what I love!

photo 2 (4)

If you’re wondering what in the world that is, it’s a coupon book that he designed for me & each “coupon” is a fun-filled adventure that we will be doing together! Here are a few… day at the aquarium {I LOVE aquariums & zoos!}, a candlelit dinner made by Joe himself :), a foot massage {yesss}, lots of other amazing fun things, & last but not least was a coupon promising that he would buy me the new camera that I have been wanting!!! “go capture the world, I love you” He is the best!

photo 5

My sweet hubs opening his gift!

photo 3 (4)

He loves golfing & is always asking me to go with him so I knew this would be something he would love! Although my gift to him wasn’t as awesome as his to me {as always haha} but I know it will be great to do together & even when he needs a little man-time with his friends!

photo 4 (2)

The wonderful marvelous husband ^  Single ladies, do not settle, ever. Choose someone who loves The Lord more than he loves you, is faithful & devoted to only you, & who strives to live a Christ-centered life. If he doesn’t love the Lord or says he does but doesn’t show it, he’s not for you. God has someone special in store for you in His timing. And remember, you were made to love & glorify God first & foremost. Being a wife won’t complete you, only God will!

3- I just want to stick my toes in the sand!!!

#@11Have I mentioned that I am so excited for this view!?!?! It’s safe to say that I am excited for I have almost everything packed up & we still have three more days until we depart! Where is your fave beach destination? I want to know!

4- do you want to  build a  snap some pictures with me?!


I have a photography business! If you are in Tennessee or live close to us, please let me know if you are interested in a session! My husband helps me {I snap while he directs} and our purpose in our photography business is to serve others & provide them with memories that will last. We specialize in all kinds of categories… events, weddings {we travel!}, family sessions, portraits, couple/engagement, maternity, newborns/kids, births {just me}, senior, & seasonal pictures! If you are interested, please email us at kashnerphotography @ gmail .com We have a website & Facebook page so if you are interested, please ask us for the links in the email! PS- that sweet couple in the picture above are our dear friends over at Some Call it Marriage, We Call it Adventure –she is new to the blogging world but I’m sure she will be debuting soon 🙂

5- Now, get off here & go love on your family or the ones dearest to you! This life is short… live it in love!





2 thoughts on “what’s on my heart…

  1. The coupon book is so sweet! My love language is quality time all the way so I’d love something like that. What a thoughtful gift! Happy Anniversary!

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