Like a Wildfire, Invade Us Now—–


“Come set our hearts ablaze with hope
Like wildfire in our very souls
Holy Spirit come invade us now
We are Your Church
We need Your Power
In us”

Rend Collective Experiment


Father, Son, Holy Spirit. I talk to God on a daily basis. He is my father and my strength. I thank Jesus for being my friend and savior. But rarely do I ask the Holy Spirit for help. Which is odd because the three make up the mysterious majesty of God, the Trinity.

Why do we talk about the Holy Spirit like he is an “it”? He is God, just like the father and the son. He is God’s Spirit in us. He came into our hearts, made us alive, revived us, when we accepted Him as Savior and our whole life. Yet, I rarely ever ask Him for help specifically. Of course, God is beyond us and this isn’t me trying to explain to you this phenomenon that is the Trinity. I believe and I have faith. But I admit that it’s hard for me to think of the Holy Spirit for who He is. Since Jesus isn’t on earth anymore, He is inside of us in our souls! Holy Spirit. An amazing supernatural experience. We are more than our earthly shell, beloved.


I was flipping to Psalms this morning and came across a diagram if you will of truths specifically about the Holy Spirit. I knew I had to share it with you all! It blessed me so much and I hope it will bless you as well! It opened my eyes to the weight of glory in the Trinity. I am so thankful that God loves us so much so that He sent His Spirit to dwell in us, His redeemed & born again children who believe in Him.


{This is from “The Women’s Study Bible NKJV” on pg. 1393}

The Work of the Holy Spirit

Attributes: Who He is

-He possesses omniscience (1 Cor. 2:11;12)

-He possesses omnipresence (Ps. 139:7)

-He possesses omnipotence (Job 33:4)

-He gives truth (1 John 5:6)

-He gives life (Luke 11:13)

– He possesses creative wisdom (Is. 40:13)

-He possesses all the attributes of the deity; He is God (Acts 5:3,4)

Record: What He has done in the Old Testament

-He was active at creation (Gen. 1:2)

-He was the bestower of supernatural giftedness (Gen 41:38)

-He was the giver of creativity (Ex. 31:2-5)

-He was the source of power (Judg. 3:9,10)

-He inspired prophecy (1 Sam. 19:20, 23)

-He was the mediator of God’s message (Mic. 3:8)

What He has done in the New Testament

-He was part of the Incarnation (Luke 1:35)

-He declared the truth about Christ (John 16:13,14)

-He bestowed believers with power for witnessing (Acts 1:8)

-He poured out God’s love (Rom. 5:5)

-He interceded (Rom. 8:26)

-He was the inspiration for the writing of the Holy Scripture (2 Tim. 3:16; 2 Pet. 1:21)

-He distributed giftedness for ministry (1 Cor. 12:4-11)

-He empowered believers with characteristics for godly living (Gal. 5:22,23)

-He strengthened believers within (Eph. 3:16)

Work: What He Will Do

-He will guide the believer (Acts 8:29; Rom. 8:14)

-He will give assurance of salvation (Rom. 8:14-17)

-He will be the believer’s teacher (1 John 2:27)

-He will intercede (Rom. 8:26)

-He will comfort (John 14:16)

-He will sanctify (2 Thess. 2:13)

-He will accomplish regeneration (John 3:6)

-He will make you aware of sin (John 16:8)

-He will convince you of the truth of the gospel (John 16:8,13,14)

-He will empower you to witness (Acts 1:8; 4:31

-He will destroy the power of sin in your life (Rom. 8:2-6)

-He will lead and even control your life (Rom. 8:14; Gal. 5:16, 25)

He will distribute gifts to be used in the Kingdom (1 Cor. 12:4-11)


I hope this has drawn you closer to God and more aware of the Holy Spirit. Is He in you?

You are loved!



2 thoughts on “Like a Wildfire, Invade Us Now—–

  1. I too have never thought much about praying to the Spirit. I pray to God but the Spirit is something that has taken me a while to grasp and come to terms with. I love the list of what he has done in both the old and new testament! I look forward to referring to this in the future:)

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