Wifey Wear Wednesday // Weekending

Friends! I love that you are here visiting Hot Tea and the Empty Seat. It means so much!

I hope that you are having a delightful week so far! I want to share with you all what I wore this weekend. It was a special occasion to kick off the weekend… our One Year anniversary photo session! I absolutely love being friends with a fellow photographer. A couple of months ago, I shot her and her husband’s Four Year anniversary pictures downtown and it was such a blast. In return, she shot photos of my husband and I for our anniversary. After the sessions, we always have a blast hanging together. How fun! Friday and Saturday, we traveled to visit our families. I have been on a country music kick for some reason {I blame FGL’s new hit} so I decided to try a fun outfit and rock my overalls.  I hope you can snag a few fun ideas from my recent outfits!

IMG_41451My husband picked out this perfect dress for me a little boutique in a Georgia mall called Edge by KS. The store was full of $20-$30 good quality dresses. I was so excited to buy this one specially for our anniversary pictures. It’s coral, white, and navy blue. The perfect color combo.

IMG_4148I paired it with my 90 inch long pearls bought at premier jewelry. The thin wait belt was bought with the dress. The fit was perfect!

IMG_4136I wore my most favorite wedges. I am a total wedge fan. I would choose them over high heels or flats any day. They are comfy, easy to walk in, & in my opinion, never go out of style. These coral wedges are from Agaci.


IMG_41891A couple of months ago, I was in the business for a pair of overalls shorts. I used to own a pair when I was younger and thankfully they are in style again so you can find them at almost any store in the mall. I actually found these at Aeropostale. I found a couple of pairs at other stores but those were either too short or too bedazzled. These were a good length and fit like a glove. I don’t wear these every week but they are fun to wear to picnics or family gatherings. I paired it with a neon pink tank top that I actually bought for $4 in the kids section at Wal-Mart {no shame in my game}. The necklace you have seen before because it is my all-time fave from Forever21. And lastly, my glasses are Vera Bradley and I have had them for years.  If you are looking, I would absolutely recommend them. They are dark brown and have a teal and brown design on the sides. I have dropped them, sat on them, worn them in the ocean, and almost anything else and they haven’t scratched once or broken. And it has been years. Love that!


I hope you have enjoyed a few of my recent outfits! Now I have to ask. Would you ever considering wearing overalls?! I would love to know. You either love ’em or you hate ’em. I am a fan 🙂 Blessings, friends! See you tomorrow with the review of Romans 11! If you haven’t read the review of 10 yet, check it out here!

you are loved!




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